Inside Courteney Cox’s Opulent Malibu Beach House

Courteney Cox became a household name playing Monica Geller on the sitcom Friends from 1994-2004. On the show, viewers frequently got to see inside the New York apartment her character inhabited, which have made some wonder where Cox actually lived. Well, the comedy was shot in Burbank, California not the Big Apple, so Cox resided in The Golden State and has lived there ever since.

Here’s a peek inside her stunning Malibu beach house, plus the spine-chilling reason she sold her Laurel Canyon home in Los Angeles.

Courteney Cox poses for a photo with one hand on her hip at the premiere of 'Shining Vale'
Courteney Cox poses for a photo with one hand on her hip at the premiere of ‘Shining Vale’ | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Cox sold one home because she thought it was haunted

Cox stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Feb. 28, to promote her horror comedy Shining Vale and told the host that she has her own experience with the paranormal.

“I didn’t believe at first,” Cox admitted. “But I lived in this house in Laurel Canyon, which is in L.A., obviously, and it was Gypsy Rose Lee’s house and Carole King. So Carole King came over to my house and she said that there had been a divorce, that was really ugly, and there was a ghost in the house. And I was, like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ But other people who would stay there with me, like friends of mine, said they felt an encounter with a woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed. And I was, like, ‘Yeah, whatever.'”

Cox then revealed what changed her mind. “I was at the house one day not being a believer. The doorbell rang. It was a UPS guy, or something, and I opened the door and he said, ‘Do you know this house is haunted?’ And I go, ‘Yeah, why? Why do you think that?’ And he goes, ‘Because there is someone standing behind you.'” Cox recounted as the audience gasped. “And I was like, ‘Let’s sell.'”

The Scream actor did in fact sell the property and shared that she had to because after that “you don’t think of [the house] the same way, you start seeing things.”

Courteney Cox sitting on the set of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Courteney Cox sitting on the set of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ | Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

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Inside Cox’s Malibu compound

One house Cox hasn’t sold though is the Malibu beach house she’s owned since 2007, and it’s a property the Friends alum never wants to part with. “This is a house I’ll never move from–it really is so special to me,” she said.

Cox first showed off the stylish beachfront pad during a photoshoot with Architectural Digest and One Kings Lane in 2017. The home is located in the Paradise Cove area and its floor-to-ceiling windows offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Cox has shared a number of pics on her Instagram of the inside and outside of her beach estate.

One room is furnished with cream sofas and accented with chocolate-colored cushions. Another sitting area has all-white coaches and a third common area has all gray furniture. While most of the rooms have a pop of color in each, the kitchen is all white lacquer with matching cabinets and countertops, and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances.

Cox has taken pics of herself having fun in her pool which is just one of the amenities along with a tennis court, large outdoor patio, gardens, and even private guest cottages. 

She had a very famous houseguest stay there for a while

Speaking of the cottages, Cox had a famous star living there rent-free while an recording an album in 2013.

Sheeran confirmed he didn’t have to pay to live with his pal, but he did do a couple of things to really feel like a member of the household. “There no rent, but I made the bed and cups of tea and things like that. If you’re staying at your friend’s house, you should treat it like your own.”

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