Inside Derek Jeter’s Unsellable $29 Million Mansion

When it comes to sports, one of the first names to come to mind is the highly sought-after and incredibly talented baseball player, Derek Jeter. With great talent comes more money than you can imagine — and $29 million mansions, of course. A beautiful space that even Tom Brady and his wife enjoyed, but one that has also sat on the market without an interested buyer for a little while. The specs and amenities of Jeter’s home are out of this world, and yet, no one has snatched it up yet. This comes as a surprise after the superstar baseball player put a lot of hard work and money into its remodels. 

Derek Jeter smiling in front of a blue background
Derek Jeter | Eric Espada/Getty Images

Derek Jeter is a superstar athlete

There aren’t many people who don’t know Jeter since everyone is always talking about him. Even people who aren’t sports fans typically know the guy’s name — and most likely even his accomplishments. Since being drafted as a first-round pick in ’92 by the Yankees, Jeter not only became a fan-favorite athlete for New York fans but baseball fans all over — when their team wasn’t playing him (and likely losing), that is. 

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According to SI MLB, Jeter is a .310 career hitter, .308 postseason career hitter, and played in 158 career postseason games — 200 hits, 20 home runs, 18 stolen bases, and 111 runs. Not to mention he’s only one of five players in the last century to play in more than 1,700 wins. Most notably, however, is his five World Series titles – an achievement only 10 other players have experienced since ’69, and one only Jeter has earned as a full-time shortstop.

His $29 million mansion and its specs

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There’s a lot to see and say about Jeter’s big and beautiful mansion that sits right on the water, giving the buyer a view of nature that is incomparable to most on the market right now. On Celebrity Home Shopping, Samir lists that the home is 30,875+ Square Feet ($939 sq/ft), 9,000 square feet of outdoor space, a.15 acres, and was built in 2012. He also says there are eight bathrooms, eight bedrooms, eight half baths, two balconies, two boat lifts, 80-foot long saltwater, Venetian plaster, two three-car garages, a wine cellar, movie theater, and a gym. 

Jeter strikes out on selling his Florida home

Jeter might be flawless on the baseball field, but selling his home is proving not to be as easy. The talented athlete purchased his Florida home in 2005 and made significant upgrades and remodels. To get back what he put into the mansion, Jeter raised the price by more than $27 million. After 190 days on the market, the $29 million mansion is still up for grabs. According to the New York Post, “it isn’t the only home Jeter is having difficulty selling. The Yankees legend recently shaved off $2 million on the New York castle he’s had on the market since 2018.”

This news comes as pretty surprising considering how great the housing market is right now with interest rates at historical lows — most homes fly off the market as fast as they enter. It’s a little different for Derek Jeter and his multi-million dollar home, though. There aren’t as many buyers with that kind of money, and it doesn’t help that Tom Brady just was renting his house and left because of the privacy issues associated with the property. Good luck, Jeter!