Inside Former ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Linsey Godfrey’s ‘Freak Accident’

Fans of the daytime drama circuit already know former The Bold and the Beautiful star, Linsey Godfrey, is talented. The actress, who’s active on social media, spends much of her quarantine time brightening the lives of others — including her 5-year-old daughter, Aleda. You’d never know all the B&B star has been through by the way she carries herself. Here’s a look at how one accident changed her life forever.

Linsey Godfrey’s character died on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Linsey Godfrey
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Linsey Godfrey’s first role in One Tree Hill in 2005 set her up for an accomplished career in daytime — and primetime — TV. After landing roles in shows like NCIS, Cold Case, and CSI: Miami, Godfrey booked The Bold and the Beautiful in 2012 at the age of 24.

Godfrey played Caroline Spencer-Forrester for six years and is the only one to play the part. Caroline died from a blood clot, meaning she likely won’t return to the show.

“So I just got back from Caroline’s was beautiful,” Godfrey said via Soap Opera Network.

“It appears it’s time to say goodbye to our Caroline Spencer. I just want to first say a huge thank you to [executive producer and head writer] Brad Bell and the entire Bold and the Beautiful family. I truly adored every aspect of the wacky, feisty, sassy Caroline. I loved my time at Bold!”

She continued: “Don’t be sad, even though she is gone, I promise Brad and the writers have some awesome drama up their sleeves for you! Thank you for all your support and love over the years! Don’t worry, I hear Caroline has a brunette doctor doppelgänger over in Salem, might be worth investigating.”

The doctor doppelgänger in question is that of Godfrey’s role as Sarah Horton on Days of Our Lives. Her episodes are current with the latest air date of May 19, 2020.

Inside Godfrey’s 2015 ‘freak accident’

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Look at my feets!

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In February 2015, a car struck Godfrey in Los Angeles. LAPD told E! News at the time, there’d been a two-vehicle collision.

“One of the vehicles veered off onto the sidewalk hitting a pedestrian. Linsey Godfrey suffered from broken legs. Last update we have is that she was in surgery and expected to recover,” a representative said. “There were no arrests made. The accident is under investigation at this point.”

Her manager confirmed the injuries were sustained to her ankles. She underwent surgery twice in April 2015, and again in 2018. A bystander pulled Godfrey from the damage. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

“Linsey is recuperating at the hospital. Her doctors expect a full recovery,” her rep said at the time. “She will need treatment on her ankles but things are looking good at this point.”

Two months after the accident, Godfrey told Entertainment Tonight what exactly happened.

“There was an accident. Two cars collided and I was on the sidewalk, and they kind of went across the lanes, and one of the cars struck me,” she said.

“I didn’t really understand. I mean, I saw my feet and kind of the state that they were in, which was not facing the right direction. Both of my ankles were dislocated and broken and then my tibia and fibula, which are your shin bones, went through the skin.”

At that time, the B&B star walked with the use of a walker. The daytime soap wrote an accident into Caroline’s story to accommodate the working actress. She is fully recovered today.

How Godfrey uses her experiences to move forward

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Quarantine, but make it fashion.

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It’s been five years since the devastating accident. The soap star is no stranger to recovery and healing.

At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Godfrey underwent seven months of treatment, losing her hair. She believed she couldn’t get pregnant, as well.

“I was told that sometimes the chemo treatments can affect your fertility,” she said in the same ET interview. “It wasn’t a sure thing because I was so young. In June of last year my daughter was born and I was so thrilled I couldn’t believe it. She was a miracle baby. She’s amazing.”

Now, a cancer and “freak accident” survivor, Godfrey uses social media to uplift others through photos of her blended family with actor, Breckin Meyer, her dance skills, and her hilarious Instagram stories that feature commentary on just about everything.

If you’re looking for an example for perseverance, Godfrey is it. That means there’s always a chance Caroline Spencer-Forrester could always come back to life, too.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.