Inside Sydney Sweeney’s Historic Multimillion-Dollar House in Westwood

Sydney Sweeney has had a pretty phenomenal year. The actor is currently double Emmy nominated for her work on HBO shows, The White Lotus and Euphoria. But the Washington native isn’t limiting herself to just TV, she’s also booked movie projects. Currently, she’s in Boston filming Madame Web. Given all the success Sweeney is having, it’s no wonder that she’s decided to make a huge investment. Earlier this year, the 24-year-old purchased her very first house.

house owner Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney | Leon Bennett/FilmMagic

Where is Sydney Sweeney’s house located?

To say that Sweeney has a busy schedule is certainly an understatement. Her career takes her to places all over the world. The MMA fighter has spent months filming in places like Maui and Montreal. However, Sweeney has decided to put roots down in Los Angeles for the time being. Considering the City of Angeles is the home of the entertainment industry, this decision makes a ton of sense.

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Sweeney’s house is located in the Westwood neighborhood of LA. Westwood is known for being family-friendly and walkable and boasts plenty of restaurants and shopping. It is also near Geffen Playhouse and Fox Theater, which regularly hosts movie premieres. The neighborhood is also home to UCLA, where Sweeney attends college via their extension program.

A quick tour of the ‘Euphoria’ star’s house

But what of the home itself? Sweeney’s house is certainly a unique pick for a celebrity. The Players Table producer opted for a historic home rather than going the modern route. Sweeney’s house is pre-war, and Dirt reports that it was built back in 1933. The Tudor-style home boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and is 3,200 square feet. As the home sits atop a hill, it is very quiet and affords Sweeney a bit of privacy, though she hasn’t been able to keep the paparazzi at bay completley.

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Down below, the home has a three-car garage for any guests that Sweeney might have. Inside the home, the vibe is cozy with exposed beams, fireplaces, secret rooms, laundry shoots, and more. And while Sweeney loves the feel of the historic home, she’s already begun some renovations, which she’s mostly doing by hand. Because it’s located in sunny LA, the actor’s home has great indoor-outdoor living. Sweeney’s house boasts a lovely garden, with plenty of space for a pool, and a back patio for outdoor dining.

The historic home is a boon to the Sweeney’s net worth

Sweeney has been candid about the pressure to keep up with her growing finances. But just how much money did she shell out for her new house? The 24-year-old actually got into a bidding war with other potential buyers in order to secure her home. The house was purchased for a whopping $3 million, which was reportedly $305,000 over the original asking price.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney admitted that buying her house pretty much maxed her out financially. Apparently, she can’t even afford a gate to deter the relentless paparazzi. Perhaps that is part of the reason the actor feels compelled to sign on to projects at a breakneck pace despite feeling some of the symptoms of severe burnout. I couldn’t believe I was even able to buy a house,” Sweeney revealed. “I want to be able to stay there.”

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