Inside Wendy Williams’ Divorce and Settlement Details

Wendy Williams is finally a single woman…legally. After ending her marriage to Kevin Hunter following the revelation of Hunter’s affair and love-child. Williams has been reclaiming her life as a single woman and has finally reached a settlement with Hunter and as their divorce proceedings have come to a close.

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter 2012 | Bobby Bank/WireImage

Why Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter divorced

Williams married Hunter in 1997. He became her manager and contributed to her transitioning from radio to television. Hunter served as an executive producer of her daytime talk show. 

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams
Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams 2008 | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Rumors spread for years that Hunter controlled almost every aspect of Williams’ career and personal life. Sources who worked on The Wendy Williams Show said that Hunter was a nightmare to work with and that he created an abusive and hostile working environment. Hunter was also allegedly physically abusive to Williams. Williams ignored or denied rumors when questioned and stood by her man publicly.

The Daily Mail was the first to report that Hunter was in a longterm affair with a family friend and massage therapist, Sharina Hudson, 2017. The media outlet followed Hunter and Hudson for two years and exclusively revealed in a follow-up 2019 expose’ that Hudson and Hunter were expecting a baby together. Williams addressed the rumors on her show and claimed they were false. 

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In April 2019, Williams announced that she and Hunter were divorcing. Hudson welcomed her and Hunter’s daughter, Journey, shortly before the divorce announcement. Williams would later confirm that the reason for their divorce was Hunter’s illegitimate child and that she’d known about his indiscretions for years. Hunter released a statement apologizing for his actions. 

Settlement details of Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s divorce

Williams began creating her life independently of Hunter following their split, which means firing him as her manager, a role Hunter had been in since they wed. Hunter was also let go as an executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show. He received a severance package for his years of service.

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The former couple listed their Livingston, New Jersey mansion for sale and Williams moved into her own three-bedroom bachelor pad in New York City’s Financial District. Williams paid Hunter $250,000 towards him finding a new home before they began discussing the financial assets of their divorce.

After almost a year of negotiations, they’ve come to an agreement. According to Page Six, the reason listed for their divorce was “irreconcilable differences.” Had Williams included anything regarding infidelity, things could have dragged out and threatened what Hunter received per New Jersey law. 

The settlement appeared to be smoothe and easy. Williams and Hunter agreed to forgo alimony. But, Williams did agree to keep a $1 million life insurance policy on herself that will be left to Hunter in the event that she dies before him. The terms of the policy allows Williams the right to reduce the amount on a yearly basis. Williams will also continue to cover Hunter’s health insurance.

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The former couple have agreed to split the proceeds from their New Jersey home when it eventually sells. All monies from their joint bank accounts will go to Williams, as well as any shares Hunter has in Wendy Williams Productions Inc. Williams will remain the sole owner of Wendy, Inc. As far as what Hunter will receive, he will maintain ownership of his businesses and his cars, including a Ferrari and Rolls Royce. 

Considering the public humiliation Williams dealt with after the fallout from Hunter’s affair and their subsequent divorce, she was pretty generous to Hunter.