Insomniac ‘Spider-Man 2’: Is Kraven the Hunter the Ominous Narrator in the New Trailer?

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 trailer has the internet buzzing about the webhead yet again. Displaying Peter Parker with his Iron Spider attachments, Miles Morales, and revealing Venom, the Playstation Showcase generated plenty of excitement. One point of interest, however, is the identity of the foreboding narrator in the game. Evidence supports the appearance of Kraven the Hunter.

Kraven in Marvel's 'Ultimate Spider-Man'
Kraven the Hunter in Marvel’s ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ | Marvel via Getty Image

The narrator has an accent similar to Kraven the Hunter

Right off the bat, the narrator in the Spider-Man 2 trailer possesses a thick accent. Listening to the way he pronounces his words, it sounds Russian in origin.

American comics always shifted with events in the real world. During World War II, villains carried a German accent. When the Red Scare took hold, villains reflected Asian stereotypes.

Kraven the Hunter debuted in 1964, in the middle of the Cold War. Naturally, he possessed a Russian accent.

However, plenty of comic characters, both heroes and villains, are Russian in origin. Other evidence had to prove a connection.

Kraven and the narrator’s motivations align

The narrator in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 laments his purpose in the trailer.

“For as long as I can remember, I have looked for an equal: one who could push me, one who could surprise me, one who could even beat me,” he said. “Yet all I found is disappointment. Will one of you finally give me what I desire?”

Over the years, Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery has included dozens of villains with unique motivations. Some want revenge, some seek twisted justice, and some act as mercenaries.

Kraven, however, only wants one thing: a challenge.

Instead of fighting for money or notoriety, Kraven the Hunter fights purely because he can. This seems to align with the narrator’s desire to find someone to stand up to him.

Now, who exactly that will be is a bit more ambiguous.

Neither Peter nor Miles responds. Instead, Venom creeps from the shadows to accept the narrator’s challenge.

Will the hunter be the big bad?

Without Insomniac directly stating who the voice belongs to, most fans can assume it belongs to Kraven the Hunter.

What does this mean for Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2?

Thinking from a gameplay perspective, Kraven relies on practical traps and hunting techniques. He rarely uses guns or technology himself, though he has employed hunter robots in the past.

Players may find themselves navigating or escaping traps. A fight with Kraven is sure to involve much more close combat than other villains, as the hunter prefers to use his fists.


‘Kraven the Hunter’: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Sony and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven

A man who can wrestle a rhino to the ground without powers doesn’t exactly need weapons.  

The game could also incorporate other characters related to Kraven, such as Calypso, who enhanced his peak-human capabilities with a special mixture. Insomniac could also adapt a newer version of the character.

Known as the Last Son of Kraven, he took on the new Kraven the Hunter role.

Sony has huge plans for the character. In addition to being the alleged big bad of Spider-Man 2, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to star in a Kraven solo film.

Kraven looks to be the new big villain everyone loves to hate in the coming years.