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On Sept. 9, Insomniac Games gave PlayStation gamers a first look at its newest Marvel creation: Wolverine. The trailer came as a surprise during the PlayStation Showcase, which featured nearly 20 game announcements and updates. With all the excitement surrounding the Wolverine trailer, it might have been easy for many viewers to miss a special Easter egg hiding in the corner of the video. Here’s the story behind the Easter egg, plus what it could mean for Wolverine.

Insomniac Games' Wolverine trailer shows Logan sitting at a bar
Insomniac Games’ ‘Wolverine’ | PlayStation

Insomniac Games announced 2 Marvel games during the PlayStation Showcase

It seems Insomniac Games will have its hands full for a while. The studio, which first joined forces with Marvel for Spider-Man in 2018, announced not one, but two superhero-centric video games. In addition to Wolverine, Insomniac unveiled Spider-Man 2, with a predicted release window of 2023.

Insomniac’s Wolverine trailer very much falls under the “short but sweet” category at just under a minute long. The video shows the aftermath of a bar fight with bodies and broken furniture scattered across the room. The camera pans over to a man in a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, sitting alone with a drink at the bar, his knuckles dirty and bloodied.

Behind him, a survivor of the brawl stands up and approaches the man with a knife. As the brawler comes closer, the man at the bar reveals his Wolverine claws, and the video fades out.

The Spider-Man trailer goes into slightly more detail than Wolverine, featuring scenes of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in battle with enemies as a voice-over from Kraven the Hunter speaks about looking for his equal. The end of the video even features an appearance from Venom, leaving many fans to wonder if he’ll become an ally or an enemy in Spider-Man 2.

Marvel fans should pay close attention to the right side of the bar in the Wolverine trailer. When the camera shows Logan’s back at the bar, a Quebec license plate with the number “HLK 181” can be seen. As GamesRadar points out, the license plate references a 1974 Marvel comic, The Incredible Hulk Issue No. 181, called And Now… The Wolverine!

This comic marks the first time Wolverine is fully featured in the Marvel comics. Wolverine and the Hulk battle it out in the issue. The fact that the license plate hails from Quebec is also an Easter egg itself, as this is where the action occurs.

What could the Easter egg mean for ‘Wolverine’?


Insomniac ‘Spider-Man 2’: Is Venom Playable or a Terrifying New Villain?

At the very least, Insomniac might just be paying homage to Wolverine’s history in Marvel comics with the Easter egg. However, the reference could also hint that Hulk might make a cameo in Wolverine, and the two might even recreate their battle from the 1974 comic. If Hulk doesn’t appear in the game, perhaps he’ll play a role from afar.

Unfortunately, Insomniac has left fans to guess about the implications of the Easter egg. However, the studio did tease in a PlayStation Blog post that Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 are components of a “new, original universe.” Perhaps this means more Marvel characters, including the Hulk, will join Insomniac’s mission in the future.