‘Inspector Koo’: Promises Comedy, Crime Investigation, and Young Serial Killer in Netflix Trailer

JTBC has a new upcoming Korean drama to binge-watch on Netflix. Inspector Koo is a comedy-crime K-drama centered around a cop-turned insurance investigator. This K-drama has a fun twist as the main character is not necessarily the most put together. Koo Kyung-yi (Lee Young-ae) goes into seclusion after the death of her husband. Inspector Koo will give fans an intriguing combination of comedic moments with a chilling serial killer investigation.

Netflix’s Inspector Koo main trailer gives fans a sneak peek of the overall storyline of an eccentric sleuth on the hunt to uncover a killer. For this crime, the killer is not the typical character seen in other K-dramas. The killer might be a female college student.

Actor Lee Young-ae as Koo Kyung-yi for 'Inspector Koo' on Netflix hiding her face with coat collar
Actor Lee Young-ae as Koo Kyung-yi for ‘Inspector Koo’ K-drama | via Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Inspector Koo’ has a one-of-a-kind detective

Actor Lee stars as the K-drama’s main character, Kyung-yi. While most crime K-dramas depict a detective on top of their game and living in the precinct, Kyung-yi inhabits a different level of investigators. She became a reclusive loner after her husband’s death. Teasers and still images show Kyung-yi hobbled up in one room as she aggressively plays video games. She is surrounded by piles of fast-food wrappers and beer cans.

To add to Kyung-yi’s look is her disheveled and frizzy hair and stained pajamas. In reality, she was a good detective for the police force who now works as an insurance investigator. Inspector Koo’s main character has unique quirks to her that fans will love watching on screen.

According to Soompi, the production team describes, “The drama Inspector Koo presents a different kind of fun that crosses genres such as thriller, mystery, and comedy. At the center of it is Koo Kyung Yi, a one-in-a-kind detective. On the set, [people say] ‘Lee Young Ae is Koo Kyung Yi.’ She’s a bit nerdy, quirky, and unusual, and Lee Young Ae is perfectly immersing into her character and acting passionately.”

Koo Kyung-yi leaves her nest to investigate a murder in Netflix trailer

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Inspector Koo’s main trailer for Netflix starts with Kyung-yi looking at a missing person’s poster. Kyung-yi is left to wonder if a person can really die alone. She soon sniffs out a bigger case is at play. The scene cuts to show an unknown character disposing of evidence and crime scenes. Kyung-yi’s starts to theorize certain deaths never made it to the news because they were stagged as suicides.

The trailer then reveals the K-drama’s possible killer. Unlike other serial killers from K-dramas, this one is female. Song Yi-kyung (Kim Hye-joon) is a beautiful young college student with a dead and cold look in her eyes. She also has her suspicions about Kyung-yi as she is a simple insurance investigator. Kyung-yi’s investigative charm is awoken as she digs through every possible clue to find the answers to who the killer is. Do not let the disheveled Kyung-yi fool you. She is a pro when it comes to crime.

Comedy-crime K-drama has comedic moments to look forward to

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Popular crime K-dramas like Nobody Knows, Mouse focuses more on the chilling story of murder and a killer. Netflix’s Inspector Koo has the crime story to entice fans but sways away from other dramas. Fans will find the use of comedic moments refreshing. In one teaser, Kyung-yi emerges from a pile of garbage, effectively scaring the worker on duty.

Fans watch as her friend and old co-worker literally drags Kyung-yi away from her home. The Inspector Koo teasers all have a video game hero-type feel to them with upbeat game music and edits. The people who cross paths with Kyung-yi often question if she is a bit crazy while her team is used to her behavior.

Inspector Koo will premiere on Netflix on Oct.30