International Women’s Day Means It’s Time to Close a Major Gap in Women’s Lives

March 8th is International Women’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the strides that women have made across the globe despite the sexism and misogyny that is still embedded in our societies and certainly in popular culture. It is the focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

In February 2020, the ‘Be a lady’  campaign with activist/ actress Cynthia Nixon went viral. The campaign was an in-depth look at the various confusing messages that women get on a daily basis from society, friends, strangers and even loved ones. These messages center on the way that women speak, dress, eat and behave.

‘Be a lady’  was so effective that the campaign was flooded with millions of comments and shares. However, there was one major aspect of the conversation that is missing. Tracy’s Dog, an adult toymaker, has decided to bridge the gap.

Women have unrealistic standards about their sexual health

Be a lady’  never touched on the unrealistic standards women have of themselves when it comes to their sexual wellbeing. Though the sexual health revolution was decades ago, there is still so much pressure on women during sexual encounters. The reality is, many women struggle to orgasm. Unfortunately, society is such that women are made to feel that there is something is wrong with them.

Statistically, nearly 70 percent of women almost never orgasm from intercourse alone. Regrettably, the media and entertainment still haven’t caught up with reality — and this is hardly ever discussed in books, films, movies, or seen in images.

Meanwhile, 85 percent of men will have an orgasm every time. And yet, the FDA has approved 26 sexual enhancement treatment for men, freely advertised everywhere, while there are none for women, and the adult toys that will help women solve this issue, are banned from advertising.

The media refuses to discuss women’s sexual wellbeing.

Because the media refuses to discuss these challenges. more confusion on the topic deepens the misconception of the expectations women have of themselves. Especially for those that have never experienced an orgasm.

So, while the “Be a lady” campaign has shed light on the serious issues and high standards that have been placed on women today, there needs to be more focus and discussion on the major orgasm gap between sexes and how it can be fixed. Ironically enough, the solution to such a complex issue is quite easy.  Female arousal is more complex than that of men. Movies and even sexual education skip this part. They insist on showing images of women who orgasm easily.

Tracy’s Dog wants to solve the issue

Tracy’s Dog’s mission is to eliminate the taboo around “getting there” and eliminate the shame that surrounds the female pleasure.  The adult toy company is putting women in charge of their own pleasure with their vibrators. Their mission is to create, “a collection of powerful, comfortable, doing the job toys with a range of functions, that will satisfy and bring orgasms, no matter the intensity you require to get there.”

Tracy’s Dog spent two years working on their design before they launched their vibrator. With over 1 million sold worldwide, Tracy’s Dog has the highest rating on Amazon in the adult toy category.

With a bold purple or a vibrant pink, Tracy’s Dog vibrators are made of soft but durable high-quality silicone. The material is hypoallergenic with a revolutionary design that combines clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

Tracy’s Dog has made its mission to break the impossible standards women have towards themselves in arriving to climax and crush the statistics about women’s orgasms.