‘Inventing Anna’: Todd Spodek and His Wife Are Still Married in Real Life

On the Netflix series Inventing Anna, cast members portray their real-life counterparts with impeccable accuracy. That certainly goes for lawyer Todd Spodek and his wife, Victoria Spodek. The couple, portrayed by Succession’s Arian Moayed and Caitlin FitzGerald, is still married. Like the journalist behind Vivian Kent (Jessica Pressler), the onscreen attorney couple has a lot in common with the real-life people behind their characters. Find out more about Anna Delvey’s (Julia Garner) real-life lawyer, Todd Spodek, and his wife, Victoria Spodek. 

‘Inventing Anna’: Todd Spodek and his wife, Victoria Spodek, are both lawyers

In Inventing Anna, Todd Spodek’s wife, Mags, works at her father’s large firm. She’s part of a wealthy family that Todd refers to as “The New York Porters.” Mags frequently takes Todd to black-tie events where he feels out of place. However, in real life, Todd Spodek is the one who grew up walking in his father’s footsteps at the family law firm.

'Inventing Anna' actors Caitlin Fitzgerald and Arian Moayed as Mags and Todd Spodek having a heated conversation
‘Inventing Anna’ actors Caitlin Fitzgerald as Mags and Arian Moayed as Todd Spodek | David Giesbrecht/Netflix

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“As a child working for my father’s law firm, I was intrigued by the courts and the criminal trial process,” he told Criminal Laws. “I knew early on that I wanted to try criminal cases.”

Todd Spodek is currently a New York City criminal law attorney at Spodek Law Group. He went to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and majored in criminal justice. According to Victoria Spodek’s LinkedIn account, she worked at her husband’s law firm as an attorney for eight years. Spodek’s wife currently works at Chubb’s insurance company as a Cyber Claims Director.

According to the Spodek Law Group, Todd resides with his wife, Victoria, and their son in Brooklyn, New York. They are still married despite the drama surrounding the Anna Delvey case.

Shonda Rhimes embellished some of Victoria Spodek’s life in ‘Inventing Anna’

In Inventing Anna Episode 9, Todd’s wife, Mags, is entirely sick of hearing about Anna Delvey and her trial. She insists that Anna is “lucky to have” Todd, but she won’t give him advice or help with the case anymore. Mags is ready for a family vacation. Netflix precisely places Todd and Mags’ argument during the final episode, set inside her lavish closet filled with clothing and shoes. He insists that she has no idea what Anna Delvey is going through as an immigrant in the United States.

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However, when Showbiz Cheat Sheet compared the portrayal of Mags to her real-life counterpart, Victoria Spodek, they didn’t seem very similar. She does not work at her family’s law firm. Spodek’s wife earned her Doctor of Law in 2006 from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law of Pace University. According to the school’s LinkedIn account, the University specializes in Environmental and International Law.

Todd and Victoria Spodek did go to dinner with journalist Jessica Pressler and her husband

Although Shonda Rhimes changed some things about Todd and Victoria Spodek’s life for Inventing Anna, many remained the same. For example, the real-life journalist behind Vivian Kent, Jessica Pressler (portrayed by Anna Chlumsky), did spend an entire dinner talking about Anna Delvey with the Spodek husband and wife. 

“I had a conversation with Todd Spodek’s real wife recently,” Pressler told Vulture. “I told her there are things that are true, but there’s a scene where we all go to dinner and talk about Anna the whole time. You and Vivian’s husband are rolling your eyes, and obviously, that never happened. And she’s like, ‘Oh, but that did happen.’ But the restaurant was different!”

Shonda Rhimes produced and created Inventing Anna using Pressler’s New York Magazine article, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People.” However, the producer also took many more real-life elements from the people that surrounded Anna Delvey from 2013 to 2017.

All nine one-hour-long episodes of Inventing Anna are currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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