Ireland Baldwin’s Tattoo of Kendall Jenner Is Not the Supermodel

The Baldwin family has produced many famous members, including Alec Baldwin, his brothers, and his daughter, Ireland Baldwin. Recently Ireland released her new tattoo and sparked a debate. Is the beauty actually Kendall Jenner?

Ireland has at least 24 other tattoos

Ireland Baldwin standing in front of a white background with red and black writing on it wearing a cream colored pair of short and a top with a black jacket with flared sleeves.
Ireland Baldwin | Getty Images

Alec Baldwin has voiced his emphatic opinion over his daughter’s choice of art on her body; he doesn’t like it. However, that did not stop the young model from getting 24 tattoos with various meanings. Even her younger cousin, Hailey Bieber, has a matching tattoo of Baldwin’s last name on her finger to celebrate their heritage.

According to Steal Her Style, Ireland has nineteen tattoos on her arms alone. A few have faded or been covered up like her “call me” tattoo that faded and was covered by the Japanese cartoon character Tororo. On the back of her neck, she sports a one-word tattoo, “truth.” As a symbol of her birth, a scorpion zodiac sign peeps out from behind her left ear. A girl eating ramen with roses for hair graces her left elbow.

 More of her tattoos are a rose on her left hip in full bloom, a lotus flower, bra, and hero’s mask can all be found on her left forearm. The words “here kitty, kitty” and a Hello Kitty face with skull bow are also art on her skin.

Ireland has several words tattooed into various places, including the French word for squirrel, MOSH, and I heart Noah Bear. Faded ink once stated, “Jah No,” meaning “God No.” A beautiful arrow adorns the back of her left upper arm. Ireland’s left ribs remind those that can see it to “try a little tenderness.” A beautiful mandala that represents the universe is on her left upper arm. With all the beautiful art on her body, does Ireland have space for more? Of course, her 25th tattoo is viewed with particular interest.

Ireland’s latest tattoo is a beauty

On her right upper arm, covering the entire space, is a nude, dark-haired pin-up girl. She showed it off recently on Instagram, but it didn’t receive the reaction she expected. Fans began pointing out the striking resemblance to Kendall Jenner.

The dark-haired beauty kneels in nothing but stockings, a choker, and a feathered headpiece as she reaches out with one hand to catch a nude male. Stars and glitter swirl around her as she poses in the setting sun of a beautiful beach. The art itself is amazing on Ireland’s skin, setting off the beauty’s dark hair wonderfully.

Fans’ reactions to her tattoo

Page Six Style posted some of Ireland‘s fan’s reactions which ranged from critical to awed. The main thing fans wanted to know was why it looked like Jenner. She defended the tattoo by saying, “My tattoo isn’t Kendall Jenner. She’s beautiful tho so I’ll take it … but it’s actually an illustration that was done in the ’60s.”

The tattoo was actually inspired by a Playboy pin-up drawing from the 60s, and Ireland quickly posted the original to her Instagram feed for confirmation. Still, fans couldn’t see past the resemblance. Others wanted to know why she would put such beauty on her own beautiful body. For them, Ireland had one answer, “I love my tattoos, and I’m going to keep getting them because it’s my body, life’s short, and it’s none of your business.”

Though Ireland may have to defend her love of her tattoos to the world, one person won’t ever agree, her father. She may have to repeat her thoughts to him as well. Alec’s reaction to Ireland’s new tattoo was a simple, “No!”

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