‘Iron Fist’ Focused Too Much on the Wrong Marvel Characters, Fans Complain

Not all the main characters within Marvel’s TV show divisions were what one could say likable. One can say that about streaming shows like The Punisher, even if same could be said of Iron Fist.

Those who stuck by the latter show for its two seasons on Netflix might well agree, including the lead character on the show not intending to be such a disappointment. Going by the comic book version of Danny Rand/Iron Fist, the character had so much potential toward being a big hit.

Instead, the Marvel Cinematic Universe made the mistakes of taking the show in a different direction, hence placing Danny on the sidelines in favor of others intended as villains.

What do fans think about Marvel butchering Danny Rand?

Actor Finn Jones on the red carpet
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A recent Reddit thread examined what really went wrong with Iron Fist during its troubled time on the air. As one of the early casualties in Marvel wanting to revamp their TV properties, the show seems to have too much negative fan consensus since it ended production. The basic opinion is it was too hastily placed into production, not including changing the personality of its main character.

Those who know their Iron Fist comic book history will know Danny Rand was in the cool club of most fascinating superheroes. Being a practitioner of martial arts and the Iron Fist mystical force, it allowed him some terrific skills and storylines.

During his solo comic book stories of the 1970s, Iron Fist also teamed up with Luke Cage often, something the show also reflected on. However, the Danny Rand everyone wanted to see simply was not there.

The Netflix series had Danny being a whinier character, including toning down many of his skills that made him such a favorite. Having him be white rather than Asian also hindered more than helped.

Were the Meachums more interesting characters?

In the TV show, Ward and Joy Meachum were a brother-sister team who feared Danny coming back to claim his stake in Rand Enterprises the Meachums ran. Since Danny is a billionaire (another nod to Tony Stark in many ways), his coming back to his family corporation ended up making the Meachums the real adversaries in the TV adaptation.

Fans on Reddit above think turning the series more into a corporate drama (the first superhero version of Succession?) was what basically doomed the whole concept. Said one Reddit user: “It felt like the show was more interested in telling a corporate drama than a martial arts drama. Also, just by how season 2 ended, I feel that the creators never really cared for Danny as the lead (I won’t spoil but I feel the show was trying to phase him out of his own series).”

And so it was the showrunners seemed to lose faith in their lead character and decided to focus on the Meachums instead. By the second season, time spent on the adversaries took precedence.

Did the producers of Iron Fist realize their mistake making Danny so weak and ended up trying to dig their way out of their writing mistakes?

The show might not be done forever


‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Wasn’t Nearly as Bad as the First, MCU Fans Claim

Reports from Deadline were (back in 2018) that there was interest from Disney+ to maybe revive Iron Fist in some way. Two years ago may seem like an eternity now in the world of COVID-19 shutting everything down.

With even mainstream Marvel content still awaiting release on Disney+ and in theaters, the idea of Iron Fist continuing any time soon is probably long forgotten.

Should it ever revive, though, it could give a chance for a re-do on a very popular character. If focusing squarely on Danny and his close friend Colleen Wing, it may be proof sticking with the comic book brand is all for the better.