The Irony Behind Stephanie Tanner’s Job in ‘Fuller House’

She’s Stephanie Tanner, and she’s here to stay. Thanks to the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House, fans learned what this character did for a career before moving back into her childhood home — DJ Tanner and a DJ Tanner.

Jodie Sweetin visits the SiriusXM studios
Jodie Sweetin of ‘Fuller House’ visits the SiriusXM studios | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Stephanie Tanner always had dreams of performing and acting

As the middle child, this Full House character loved to perform. Whether it be on a telethon or a school fundraiser, young Stephanie was always stealing the spotlight. Stephanie danced during several Full House episodes, with Danny vicariously living out his childhood ambitions through her. 

Eventually, though, Stephanie decided that she was passionate about dancing, but she didn’t want dancing to be the only thing in her life. A few of Stephanie’s friends joined together to make the band Girl Talk, even performing a cover of “The Sign.”

There was also the dreaded oat boat commercial, which DJ auditioned for. After seeing how adorable young Stephanie was, she got the part instead of her older sister. When she grew up, the character shared the same interest in the stage and music. 

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As an adult, Stephanie was a D.J.

Her sister’s name is DJ, but as an adult, Stephanie became a dj herself, following in her uncle’s musical footsteps. Before returning to her childhood home on the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House, she was touring worldwide. 

When she comes back home, “dj tanner” (AKA Stephanie) gifts her nephews “the hottest dance hits from the clubs of London” via flash drives. 

Fans catch a glimpse of Stephanie’s dj skills throughout this series, even asking her Uncle Jesse to do “Forever” while back at the Tanner House. After an exciting career, though, she decides to focus on writing and performing music, just like her Uncle Jesse.

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Stephanie has a few other jobs on ‘Fuller House’

Eventually, Stephanie decides that the DJ life isn’t for her anymore. She eventually worked for Kimmy Gibbler, who was a party planner, singing and hosting events for children. When Stephanie had a child of her own, though, she quit to spend more time at home. 

While she was home and singing to her daughter, Stephanie wrote an original song, which she performed for local celebrity Lisa Loeb. The song was a hit, and Stephanie went back to her dream of being a musician while still balancing being a mom and an aunt to DJ’s three sons. 

The eldest of the Tanner sisters, DJ, works full time as a veterinarian. Although fans never see Michelle in this spinoff series, they learn that she’s off focusing on her fashion career in New York, according to Danny. 

Fans can watch episodes of Fuller House, featuring Stephanie Tanner and her older sister DJ, on Netflix. Episodes of the original sitcom, Full House, are available on Hulu.