Is ‘Alone’ on Netflix? How to Watch Every Season of the Show

Sorry Netflix subscribers, only one season of Alone is available on the streaming giant. However, it is easy to get access to all nine seasons of the adventure reality TV show. The History Channel series follows the daily life of 10 participants as they survive alone in the wilderness with a small amount of survival equipment. Take a look at how you can watch every season of Alone, including the two spinoffs: Alone: Frozen and Alone: The Skills Challenge.

How to watch ‘Alone’ Seasons 1 through 8

The first eight seasons of Alone are available for streaming on the History Channel website, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ with a subscription. Only Alone Season 8 is available for streaming on Netflix. All nine Alone seasons are available on Prime Video and iTunes. The first eight seasons are also available for purchase on VUDU.

How to watch or stream ‘Alone’ Season 9

The History Channel began airing Alone Season 9 on May 26, 2022. The finale dropped on Aug. 4, 2022. Episodes 7 through 11 are currently available for streaming from the History Channel website. However, Season 9 Episodes 1 through 6 are locked. To unlock the first six episodes, viewers need a supported cable or streaming TV package that includes the History Channel in their lineup. 

The History Channel also has an app available on iOS and Android devices. However, viewers still need a valid cable provider login to access Alone Season 9. The cheapest way to watch Alone Season 9 without a cable subscription is via the History Channel website for the last five episodes (free). However, viewers without a cable provider will need to purchase the first six episodes from Prime Video or iTunes. 

'Alone: Frozen' Woniya, Callie, and Michell standing together
Woniya, Callie, and Michell from ‘Alone: Frozen’ | The History Channel

The fate of ‘Alone’ Season 10

The History Channel did not yet renew or cancel Alone for season 10. However, there’s a strong chance that the show will return for another season with all new wilderness participants. In August, along with airing Alone Season 9, the History Channel expanded the franchise with two spinoffs: Alone: The Skills Challenge and Alone: Frozen. The shows featured past contestants and new twists to the original show.

How to watch ‘Alone: The Skills Challenge’

The Skills Challenge premiered on Aug. 4 with three former Alone participants who competed in build challenges to develop a shelter in the wilderness. Viewers can watch Alone: The Skills Challenge on the History Channel at 10 p.m. ET on Thursdays. It is available for streaming on Hulu, Philo, and SlingTV with a subscription.  

Returning contestants from Alone include Callie North (Season 3), Lucas Miller (Season 1), Amós Rodriguez (Season 7), Britt Ahart (seasons 3 and 5), Jordan Jonas (season 6), Joel Van Der Loon (season 7) and Clay Hayes (season 8). 

How to watch ‘Alone: Frozen’

Alone: Frozen cast six returning players and premiered on Aug. 11. The series dropped the survivalists in Labrador, Canada, with a goal of lasting 50 days in the North Atlantic winter. Those who survive the entire time will share the $500,000 cash prize. The returning contestants include Greg Ovens (Season 3), Woniya Thibeault (Season 6), Callie Russell (Season 7), Mark D’Ambrosio (Season 7), Amós Rodriguez (Season 7), and Michelle Finn (Season 8). 

Viewers can watch Alone: Frozen on the History Channel at 9 p.m. ET on Thursdays. It is available for streaming on Hulu, Philo, and SlingTV with a subscription.  

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