Is Andrew Scott Married?

Everyone’s favorite Irish actor, Andrew Scott, has been capturing America’s collective heart since he starred as notorious villain Jim Moriarty in Sherlock. Scott topped the charts as heartthrob; however, when he took to the screen as the “hot priest” and love interest in BBC’s Fleabag. His sex appeal hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans and his overly private lifestyle has left many wondering if Andrew Scott is married.

Andrew Scott’s career really exploded this year

Andrew Scott poses in the Press Room at the Virgin TV BAFTA Television Award at The Royal Festival Hall.
Andrew Scott | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

From small beginnings come great things. A few tv commercials under his belt as a child led to a lot of stage performances as a young man. From there he was able to snag small role after small role in made-for-TV movies, mini-series, and documentaries.

Appearing mostly in British and Irish TV series throughout the 90s and early 2000s, it wasn’t until 2010 when he started to rise in fame with his Moriarty role appearing regularly on Sherlock. Before making waves as “the hot priest” on Fleabag, the actor had a few roles in notable films such as Saving Private Ryan. But he truly came to the big times with his appearance on Sherlock.  

2019 has been a killer year for Andrew Scott and has even included an Emmy win for Fleabag as Season two won for Outstanding Comedy Series, in part due to Scott’s addition to the cast. 

Andrew Scott typically keeps his private life private

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Despite the entire world pressuring him to join social media, Scott has kept himself out of the social media vortex. He simply doesn’t want to be involved.

He’s made it clear, on more than one occasion, that he has no desire to rack up followers and compare his success to a daily number of views and likes. In fact, he’s pretty adamant about keeping off of Instagram’s platform.

The actor discussed his decision to stay off Instagram during a recent interview with Reggie Yates on Belstaff’s The Road Less Travelled podcast. Instead of becoming another profile in the digital world he focuses on what he believes has real value and that is one-on-one real time spent with those he cares about. 

Scott explains: “Do I really need to be on Instagram? Do I really want to be? Do I want to be on this TV show to hike up my profile? No…The big lesson I’ve learned is what is of genuine value. And value, I don’t think is based on numbers – I think it’s based on what’s that going to give to my time on earth with my loved ones.”

Andrew Scott’s dating life is pretty secretive too

Scott tends to keep pretty quiet about who he’s dating. However, sorry ladies: he is openly gay.

In an interview with the Independent he was nonchalant about his sexuality. Scott admits that he’s grateful that the general consensus currently is that being gay is no longer a “character flaw.” However, he admits, it isn’t a virtue either.

“But nor is it a virtue, like kindness,” he says. “Or a talent, like playing the banjo. It’s just a fact. Of course, it’s part of my make-up, but I don’t want to trade on it.”

Even though Scott has made it known he doesn’t think he will be getting married himself he has also been a public supporter of the equal marriage bill in Ireland. He’s just happy he now has the option to not get married. 

Andrew Scott’s dating status is currently complex

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According to IMDB, Scott is currently single. He had referenced a long, term committed relationship in several interviews in the past, but always kept the identity of his lover a secret.

IMDB claims that Scott revealed to the Times of London newspaper that “he and his partner of 15+ years, former actor turned screenwriter of Scott’s film, Pride, Stephen Beresford, were no longer a couple.” Fans await more news of his relationship status, the same way they’ll await an announcement of Fleabag Season 3, impatiently.