Is Ariana Grande Friends With Florence Pugh?

There are plenty of friendships that have blossomed between Hollywood stars. From the inspirational to the downright baffling, getting to watch a pair of celebrities support one another as they navigate their careers can be fun for fans. Sometimes, though, fans are left sifting through clues about which pairs are truly pals and which are merely interacting for the publicity or simply running in similar circles. 

Lately, fans have noticed some connections between Ariana Grande and Florence Pugh. Are these two stars close? Some of the evidence suggests they might be. 

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Ariana Grande is quiet about her personal life

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Grande is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to details about her personal life. While some celebrities use glimpses into their own private lives as a way to connect with fans and build their brand, many would rather keep their public and private personas separate. Grande appears to fall into the latter category, keeping fans in the dark when it comes to her new boyfriend. She has made it clear that she finds boundaries necessary to keep herself safe and healthy in her interactions with the public. 

It’s her own experiences with people prying too deeply into her love life that set the stage for a potential connection with Pugh. The pair don’t necessarily work in the same circles. Grande is a singer whose musical career just keeps getting bigger. Pugh is an Oscar-nominated actor who really came crashing onto the scene in 2019 with a stunning year. 

Ariana Grande came to Florence Pugh’s defense

Pugh has been at the center of a lot of social media hand-wringing. She is in a relationship with fellow actor Zach Braff, and their age difference has given critics a lot to talk about. Pugh is 24 years old and Braff is 45. While an age gap of two decades is not unheard of in Hollywood, it has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. Most notably, critics have taken to piling insults on Braff, but Pugh is having none of it. 

When Pugh recently took to the internet to post a video voicing her frustration with this line of attack, she found herself with a cheerleader in the comments. Grande came out in full support of Pugh, noting that she knows how hard it is to share “personal life things” online and that she wanted Pugh to know how “perfectly” she expressed the issues. 

A dress connects Ariana Grande and Florence Pugh

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In a less dramatic display of their respect and admiration for one another, Pugh and Grande seem to be bonding over a dress. Indie studio A24 is holding an auction of props and costumes, and those items include the dress that Pugh wore during her famous “May Queen” scene in the horror film Midsommar. Grande is apparently a fan of the unique — if a bit creepy — ensemble that includes 10,000 hand-glued silk flowers. In fact, Grande expressed her desire to bid on the dress with big plans for Halloween. 

She adorably received support directly from Pugh who implored her to “DO IT!” when she said she might try to win the gown at auction. Pugh helpfully added that the dress “even has hand holes for wine.” 

Are Ariana Grande and Florence Pugh friends?

It’s hard to say just how close these two are in real life, but the evidence is there to suggest the foundations of friendship even if it hasn’t fully flourished yet. These women both obviously support one another on serious issues like privacy and setting boundaries around their celebrity status. However, they are also playful and seem to genuinely enjoy one another’s company. 

They follow each other on Instagram and seem to be connecting frequently on social media. All the conditions are there for a great celebrity friendship!