Is Below Deck Real or Fake?

Captain Lee Rosbach

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If you’re a fan of Below Deck, one question you might have is whether the drama on the show is real. It can be hard to believe some of the crazy things that go on in the reality television world. Is Below Deck real or fake? Well, we have some answers for you. The show’s creator decided to shed some light on the issue. Read on for more.

 Guests aren’t carefully chosen

Contrary to popular belief, Below Deck passengers are not carefully hand-picked. Mark Cronin, creator of Below Deck says it’s all pretty random. It’s simply, really: If you can cough up the cash you can get on the boat. Mark Cronin, creator of Below Deck, said whoever has the cash is allowed to be on the show: “Whoever’s check clears the bank is on the show! I wish I could be picky,” said Cronin during an Ask Me Anything for Reddit.

How much it costs to be a passenger on Below Deck

Guests on a yacht

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The charter fee will set you back several thousand dollars. In season two, the price tag was $55,000 for five people, reports Forward Cabin. The three-day, two-night trip included hotel, round trip airfare, alcohol, tips, and water sports. During season three, passengers paid $35,000 for three days and two nights, according to Yacht Charter Fleet.

Recently Below Deck star Kate Chastain told Entertainment Tonight a boat the size of the ones used on the show would command a higher fee: “Generally a boat that size, 150 foot—this one’s 160, Valor—but around that price range, for seven days, is around $150,000,” said Chastain. “But that does not include airfare, fuel, food, wine, docking, tip. So, I would say for a boat like Valor, for a week vacation, it would be around a quarter of a million dollars.”

Is Below Deck real or fake?

The creator said all the drama on the show is real. According to him, none of the interactions with the passengers are staged. “The contract between the cast and me is: “Please make us a great show that people will love—and please be fair in portraying who we are and what we do.” I try to keep to that—and for the most part all of my former cast members—literally hundreds of them—feel that I kept that contract. I do feel bad when someone is shown to be horribly flawed—the only thing I can hope is that they learn from seeing themselves as the world sees them,” he said on Reddit.

What a guest had to say

A guest named Jeremy Schoemaker posted on his blog that Below Deck is mostly real. However, he said there were some scenes he and other guests were asked to re-shoot. He had this to say in a post on his site ShoeMoney: “When we originally walked on board the ship they had us do it three separate times. When we would get ready, they would ask us to re-shoot it a few times, just like looking into the mirror or going up the stairs. Not much, just at dinner time.”

So, it seems the show is indeed reality. There might be some adjustments here and there, such as re-shooting scenes, but at least these two agree Below Deck is genuine reality television.

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