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Anthony ‘Booger’ McFarland has become a staple of Monday Night Football. He’s only been serving as a commentator for a few years, but he made such a splash on ESPN it’s hard to imagine the show without him.  

It’s natural that Booger would succeed as an on-air analyst. He was a winner on the field, and he knows the game well. Booger’s success as a player easily carried over to the screen. He has two Super Bowl rings to show for his time as a player. There are no rings for best on-air analyst, but Booger seems to be shooting for one anyway. 

Despite how popular he was as a player, and is now as an analyst, there’s not much we know about his personal life. Here’s what we’ve figured out. 

Is Booger McFarland married?

Booger McFarland
Booger McFarland | Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire

He and his wife, Tammie McFarland, got married in 2008. That means they recently celebrated a decade together, and from everything we can figure out, their relationship is as strong as ever. Booger and Tammie keep to themselves for the most part, but there are some pictures of the couple out there. 

The two actually met thanks to football. Tammie’s cousin is also married to a former Louisiana and State University player, Anthony Skinner. Booger and Skinner were teammates in the 1990s.

In 1999, Booger attended Skinner’s wedding. His bride happened to be Tammie’s cousin, and the rest is history. Nine years later Booger and Tammie were married. 

They have two children together. A daughter, Alexis, and a son named Jacob. There’s not much out there about Booger’s kids, but from what we can see he’s a dedicated father. That’s kind of surprising, coming from a guy named Booger. 

How did he get his nickname? 

According to Booger, he was a really bad kid growing up. He was born in Louisiana, where he would later go on to play college football. Booger essentially tortured his mother with his uncontrollable behavior from a very young age. He was given the nickname ‘Booger’ due to his general unpleasantness, kind of like a booger. 

Booger eventually changed his ways, but not until after he started a small fire that almost burned his entire house down. Despite the fact that he’s now reformed, the nickname ‘Booger’ stuck. 

Booger likes his nickname. He’s said before that there’s “only one” Booger, and it’s true. It will likely be a while before the NFL sees another player named Booger, if ever.

It’s probably a good thing he has a unique nickname. It sets him apart, and makes him memorable. As do his on air antics. 

He made a spectacle of himself in the Booger Mobile

The Booger Mobile has been referred to as one of the biggest fails in sports broadcasting history. Fans hated the thing, but Booger and the ESPN team only had the best intentions when they came up with the contraption. In fact, the idea was kind of genius. 

The best way we can describe it is as a kind of mobile broadcasting booth. Booger was all set up to comment directly from the sidelines of the game. The intention was to give fans a close to the action take on the game.

In reality, neither television viewers nor in person fans liked it much. Fans found it distracting, and it actually blocked the view of the game for fans who had front row seats.

The Booger Mobile was modified at least once to try and fix the visibility issues, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The Booger Mobile was scrapped after just one season, which was fine with Booger. He went upstairs to replace Jason Witten, and everyone is better off.