Is Eddie Lucas from ‘Below Deck’ Still In Yachting?

Below Deck bosun, Eddie Lucas quickly became a fan (and crew) favorite. He appeared in season one as a deckhand but became bosun for seasons two and three.

But season three appeared to do a number on the usually calm and steady yachtie. Lucas always seemed to be the voice of reason, often dealing with guest and crew demands with skill and finesse.

Don Abenante, Emil Kotze, Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas, Lee Rosbach, Amy Johnson, Leon Walker, Raquel Bartlow, Connie Arias |Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Although he came through like a professional at his job during season three, personal issues chipped away at his strong exterior. Captain Lee Rosbach noticed Lucas seemed somewhat scattered during the season. Lucas admitted he was fighting with his girlfriend, who was back at home.

And then there was Rocky

One of the wilder Below Deck hookups, Lucas and third stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota had a secret laundry room affair. Lucas seemed to approach the hookup as just that–a hookup. But unfortunately, Dakota caught feelings for the bosun.

When Lucas abruptly ended the late night laundry room encounters, Dakota was confused and hurt. She tried to out Lucas about the affair, to which he denied.

Emil Kotze, Connie Arias, Raquel Bartlow |Photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ultimately, he admitted to Dakota and the rest of the crew they were romantically involved. This season seemed to be out of character for the grounded bosun, as he was more in the fray than he probably preferred.

He left after season three

After the drama during season three, Lucas said goodbye to Below Deck and never looked back. Perhaps the intensity and being away from loved ones finally took its toll on him.

In fact, Kelley Johnson, who worked for Lucas had a whole new appreciation for his boss when he took over as bosun the following season. “I always respected Eddie,” Johnson told Starry Constellation Magazine, Bravo’s The Daily Dish reports.

“I strived to be as good as a Bosun as he was to me,” he added. “And even in that position [of first mate], I tried to lead like Eddie. He was very much lead from the front type of guy. He never asked you to do anything he wouldn’t do.”

And seems to be living his best life

Bravo’s The Daily Dish asked Rosbach and chief stew, Kate Chastain if they had spoken to Lucas. Rosbach said he talked to Lucas and said he was now in the tugboat industry. “Tugging?” Chastain joked. Maybe after his time with Dakota, they laughed. But Rosbach said he’d definitely hire Lucas again.

Lucas appears to be currently working for Moran Towing Corporation out of Baltimore, Maryland. The company offers a variety of maritime services including towing, marine transportation and docking.

He also seems to be exploring the world and enjoying time with friends. He explored Vietnam during the same time when Below Deck shot in Thailand. Some of his Instagram followers wondered if he’d visit Thailand too. Lucas also hosted a sunset sailing tour around Baltimore. Plus he’s working on the tugboats as he posted a scenic picture in May.