Is ‘God Friended Me’ Canceled or Renewed for Season 3?

A nerd, an atheist, and a priest walk into a bar …

That may sound like the beginning of an off-color joke, but it is actually a frequent setup for episodes of God Friended Me. There are not many shows on television that inspire viewers to ponder philosophical questions, however, God Friended Me manages to do just that.

God Friended Me
God Friended Me | Robby Klein/Getty Images

Berlanti Productions, the production house behind the Arrowverse — produces the show, and in true Berlanti fashion, the series centers around savvy millennials who solve mysteries each week. God Friended Me is currently in the back half of Season 2 on CBS, and fans are wondering if the network has plans to bring it back for the 2020-21 broadcast season.

What is ‘God Friended Me’ About?

The series is a sweet drama that centers around a group of idealistic sleuths. It follows a case-of-the-week format, but this CBS show is unlike the other procedurals on the network.

Each week, the gang uses social media to hunt down individuals who need some kind of help. Then they devise a plan of action. But what happens when someone doesn’t want help?

At times, the central group can come off as a bunch of meddling kids, even to the audience. But the overall story reminds us — and the characters — that power lies in kindness, love, and faith. Eventually, the characters accept help and surrender to the process, as does the audience. So, how does the team find their targets anyway?

Someone calling themselves “God” sends friend suggestions via Facebook. And the characters just go with it. Lucky for us, because we get to witness the surprising connections the characters make and the lives they change along the way.

Podcaster and atheist Miles is “God’s” primary point of contact for the friend requests. Miles and crew use their investigative instincts, tech skills, and social media know-how to uncover clues and formulate plans. This squad is organized, methodical, and plugged into a vast network. Luckily, they choose to use their powers for good!

Will ‘God Friended Me’ return for another season?

God Friended Me occupies a Sunday evening slot that gets jostled around to accommodate live programming during football season. It’s a miracle that the show has built and maintained a steady following regardless of the flaky time slot.

About 6 million viewers tune in to watch the show weekly, which is a healthy number compared to the competition. The only show opposite God Friended me that is currently able to top the show’s viewership is the ABC staple, American Idol.

CBS has not announced their plans for God Friended Me yet, but based on the available information, reports that the renewal odds are good. God Friended Me fanatics can afford to be optimistic concerning the fate of their favorite feel-good drama. Although unconfirmed, it is likely that God Friended Me will have a place in CBS’ fall lineup.

Should newbies start ‘God Friended Me’ from the beginning?

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God Friended Me follows the standard formula of a procedural minus the downer storylines that often come along with the genre. The nature of the show requires characters to discuss each case in detail. Plus, viewers don’t have to fill in many narrative blanks because the cohorts constantly update each other on their progress.

It is a breeze for the audience to follow along on cases, and it would be simple for a new fan to jump into the current season. And since most cases are wrapped up weekly, God Friended Me converts will get the hang of things pretty quickly. Still, anyone interested in watching God Friended Me from the beginning can do so via CBS All Access.

New episodes of God Friended Me air Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.