Is Hugh Jackman Still Married?

Some of the world’s most favorite entertainers often have solid marriages, which may explain the confidence they exude in their performances. When enjoying a solid relationship, it makes one feel better about life and helps in understanding characters and motivations.

Hugh Jackman seems to have won the lottery in life and in a happy marriage. He’s been married to the same woman for 23 years, something he recently celebrated at one of his solo concerts.

Are we looking at one of the most successful showbiz marriages of all time? Possibly so, and we might be able to do a follow-up with the same title in ten years where they’ll break a new record.

Take a minute to learn about the woman who captured Jackman’s imagination.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

How did Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness meet?

Being from Australia, Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness already come from a country known for down-to-earth culture. When Jackman met Furness, they both came from similar backgrounds. The two were working as actors in 1995, with Jackman meeting Furness on the set of the Aussie miniseries Corelli.

They hit it off immediately and decided to marry early the following year. Their marriage occurred on April 11, 1996 in a suburb outside of Melbourne. Aussies declared it the wedding of the year since they were both popular there. However, Jackman was mainly known for his stage work at the time.

The days when both would become household names in America were still a few years away. Their marriage was strong from the get-go, including Jackman creating a personalized design for their engagement rings.

As for the inscription, it was an inspirational message in Sanskrit about dedicating their union to “a greater source.” Talk about confidence in knowing you found someone you’ll be living with for life.

Staying together through Jackman’s superstardom

We see far too many celebrity marriages where when competition is involved, it almost always signals a quick end. How many acting couples have we seen who end up divorcing after one or the other spouses end up winning an award?

By 2000, Jackman was a major movie A-lister starring in X-Men and with many good years still ahead. Furness continued to work as an actress, but only in Australian movies and TV. In Oz, she’s quite well known without doing much or any acting here in the states.

As her husband became a very wealthy superstar, her own acting career waned over the last several years. While you can argue it must have felt a little frustrating to not maintain the same level of acting success, it gave her a chance to focus on their marriage. Of course, Jackman had to put in the same amount of work.

These two never could fall out of love, which is still something to behold. Most importantly, Jackman continues to prove their commitment during public events.

Adopting kids has also helped their marriage

You may remember hearing about Furness dealing with two miscarriages in the earlier days of her marriage to Jackman. They decided to adopt two children to compensate. First was a son, Oscar, in 2000. Then they adopted a daughter (Ava Eliot) in 2005.

Ever since, they’ve been perceived as the perfect family. As we’ve seen here in America, Jackman celebrates his love with his wife any chance he gets. He frequently does this at concerts or on talk shows.

The most recent instance was dancing with his wife during his The Man. The Music. The Show concert tour stop in Madison Square Garden. The first song they danced to together at their wedding was Sinatra’s 1950s hit All the Way, and Page Six caught of a video of them dancing to the same song.

According to Jackman, learning how to say no to things is what’s saved his marriage. We say it has to do with a rare joining of two forces who happened to be at the right place and time to create a showbiz marriage Hollywood can aspire to.