Is It Even Possible for Meghan Markle to Become the U.S. President?

It almost seems as if Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has her hand in so many different things. She is a former actress, a humanitarian, a feminist, and so much more.

Many people might even think that there is just about nothing that Meghan can’t do, and judging from what we have seen, that may very well be true. The Duchess of Sussex has always been adamant about making her voice heard. Over the years, she has given numerous speeches about causes that she believes in, and she also never hesitates to voice her opinion. 

We all know that there are extremely strict rules that the royal family members have to follow. They have to dress and act a certain way, and one of the rules that hold strong is that they can’t have political opinions. However, Meghan and Prince Harry made the unique and unexpected move of stepping down from royal duties, and they are embarking on a journey independent of the royal family.

The couple is currently living in Meghan’s hometown of LA California. Now that they are no longer senior working royals, is it even possible for Meghan to become the U.S. President?

Meghan is more political than the royal family would probably like

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While there is no way to know what the royal family members discuss in the privacy of their own homes, no one should really expect anyone like Prince Charles, Prince William, or even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to speak publicly about their political views. Meghan, however, is legally a United States citizen, having been born and raised in California.

Even after her marriage to Prince Harry, she hasn’t stopped making her voice heard. In recent months, the duchess has been pretty open when it comes to talking about political issues, and she hasn’t let the royal rules stop her from doing so.

Chances are, the royal family would prefer that she refrain from being so political, but Meghan shows no signs of stopping. She has been actively encouraging women to vote in the upcoming election, and during a recent virtual appearance, she went into great detail about the importance of voting and what it means for everyone.

Is it even possible for Meghan Markle to become the United States President?

With all the meaningful political comments that she has made, some people are wondering if Meghan might even be considering running for U.S. President in 2024. However, is it even possible for the Duchess of Sussex to do so?

While many people might assume that it is not, the answer is actually that yes, it is possible. According to Yahoo!, Meghan meets the eligibility criteria to run for office, and although the royal family might not like it, a source says that they do not have the power to stop her. 

What do the experts have to say?

So, what are experts saying about the possibility of Meghan someday entering into the presidential race? According to a professor at King’s College London: “There is no legal provision by which the royal family could prohibit her standing.”

Should fans expect to one day see Meghan sitting in the Oval Office? While it is certainly possible, it is not very likely to ever happen. A betting firm says her odds are extremely low, and while this is likely true, it doesn’t mean that Meghan won’t ever become a presidential candidate.

While she speaks openly about politics, she has never spoken about her affiliation with either political party, but we still know that Meghan is a very strong woman. After all, she has been trying out different adventures lately, and politics may be something that the duchess chooses to pursue.