Is Judy Greer Married?

Born Judith Therese Evans outside Detroit, MI in 1975, Greer became famous in the late ’90s/early 2000s in movies like What Women Want alongside Mel Gibson, The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, 13 going on 30 starring Jennifer Garner, and M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village to name a few.

Greer’s had a booming career since, even though she mostly stars in supporting roles. Most recently, she appears in the newest Halloween series reboot and Jim Carrey’s Kidding on Showtime.

Her film career is well-known, but what about her personal life?

Is Judy Greer married?

Judy Greer on the red carpet
Judy Greer | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Greer’s love life hasn’t had any scandals either. She’s been with the same man her entire career, which is a feat in and of itself for Hollywood.

Her husband’s name is Dean E. Johnsen, a TV show producer. They don’t have any children of their own, but Johnsen has two from a previous marriage. This is the only famous relationship she’s had since her debut appearance in 1998’s Kissing A Fool.

The two have been together for many years. There could be a film about them because they’re much like those happily-ever-after couples portrayed in her movies. 

Who’s Dean Johnsen?

Dean E. Johnsen is the man who’s held on to Greer’s heart for nearly a decade. He has a career in Hollywood himself but stays out of the spotlight, unlike his other half. Johnsen works behind-the-scenes as a producer, most famously for Real Time with Bill Maher.

Not much is known about his personal life, aside from he was married before Judy Greer. You won’t find a Twitter or Instagram for him either. But he must be an impressive man if he’s managed to hold on to Greer for so long.

How did they meet?

The pair met after going on a blind date set up by friends in 2010. It was one of the writers on Real Time with Bill Maher and friend of Greer, Matt Gunn, who set the two up. They only spoke on the phone until finally meeting face-to-face sometime later.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, she said, “…it wasn’t love at first sight — and he’ll say the same thing!” 

However, within a year, it was reported by People that the two tied the knot and said their “I dos” in L.A. amongst a host of star-studded friends like Bill Maher, Jason Biggs, Rashida Jones, and around 200 other wedding guests. One of their sources claimed had an amazing time and Rashida Jones and others busted moves to Bust a Move.

Judy Greer and Dean Johnsen’s marriage

Everything looks great. Greer’s Instagram shows them living happily. But one weird quirk is that it took them seven years to move in together! That’s crazy, right?

According to People, Johnsen valued being close to his two children as they grew older. He stayed in Thousand Oaks, while Greer lived 40 miles away in LA. But once the youngest turned 18, the couple finally made their homes one. Greer admits it was strange, telling the magazine, “Our married life is a little weird” and goes on to say, “I married the right guy for me.”

And what about children of their own? It doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Greer loves being a stepmother. She told Closer Weekly, “I did consider it for a while, but I didn’t try. I love my stepkids so much, I can’t stand it. I wanted to give my attention to them.” 

It seems everyone is happy with the relationship. It’s a match made in heaven.