Is Kate Chastain From ‘Below Deck’ a Mean Girl?

Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter | Kate Chastain Instagram

Even though Below Deck chief stewardess Kate Chastain insists she and new BFF second stew Josiah Carter aren’t mean girls, she blew that facade during one drunken night. Third stew Caroline Bedol was already paranoid she “couldn’t sit with them [Chastain and Carter]” and it seems like her intuition was spot on.

Chastain and Carter played the game “who would you fire” over ramen in their crew bunk. All along Bedol sat just outside. They both agreed it would be third deckhand Rhylee Gerber, which was mean enough. But then Chastain said Gerber was a moron and Carter echoed, “Like Caroline.” Ouch.

Chastain adds that while she loves Bedol she basically talks too much and doesn’t listen. Enter Bedol to bust the conversation, but she quickly flees. To which Chastain says, “You’re either in or you’re out.” This isn’t the first time one of Chastain’s staff members felt iced out as she cozied up to another employee. Could it just be a “third stew” thing?

She cooled to this stew

Third stew Amy Johnson was busy doing her job during Below Deck season 2, but Chastain and second stew Kat Held clustered together over some gossip spread by none other than former chief stew, Adrienne Gang.

Gang glommed onto a group of charter guests and told everyone about an occurrence between Held and Johnson when they previously worked together, according to Bustle. Apparently, Johnson walked in on Held and a guy Johnson liked and all hell broke loose. Gang’s gossip spread faster than the norovirus among the charter guests and Held was mortified. Most of her angst blew in Johnson’s direction as she huddled with Chastain. Johnson tried to give her version of what happened, but Held literally slammed the door in Johnson’s face.

Johnson tried to resolve the tension by talking to Chastain, but she was quickly dismissed. “As the chief stew, she is the leader and manager of our interior team; in this situation I felt more like I was dealing with high school girls rather than my boss and co-worker,” Johnson blogged.  Eventually, Johnson got to “sit with” Chastain next season. She was promoted to second stew and guess what? The two are now thick as thieves.

What about Jen?

Jennifer Howell is another third stew on the outside looking in, on Below Deck season 5.  Chastain made “playful” comments about Howell’s intelligence during the charter. She even joked on Twitter, “Another @Bravotv situation where Jen might say “but where are the oranges?!?!?” At one point Chastain said Howell “sucks at her job but is hilarious,” in front of charter guests.

Additionally, when guests sexually harassedHowell, Chastain gave her this advice. “Listen, Jen, I think you might be giving them mixed signals and you don’t realize it,” Cosmopolitan reports. Chastain gestured to how Howell was standing, chalking it up to inexperience. A true yachtie knows how to deal with a guest who is overserved. “And, unfortunately, Jen is not a yachtie,” she said in a confessional. This is also another case where Chastain and Howell eventually become friends.

So is it a third stew thing? Chastain didn’t seem to love third stews Raquel “Rocky” Dakota and Sierra Storm either. But when it all comes down to it, don’t we all want to sit at Chastain’s table too?

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