Is Kate Middleton Or Meghan Markle More Popular? The Results From A UK Poll May Surprise You

Members of the royal family are gearing up for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday this weekend and will be coming out in full force for the Trooping the Colour event. Her Majesty is expected to appear at the event, one she has not missed her entire life, but she is not the only royal fans will be watching. Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry are all expected to make an appearance alongside Queen Elizabeth. With so many royals meeting at one place, we cannot help but wonder which one of them takes the crown as the most popular.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Is Meghan Markle more popular than Kate Middleton?

Meghan Markle has received a lot of press over the past year and a half. Apart from her lavish wedding with Prince Harry at St. George’s Chapel, the former actress welcomed her first child last month in what was one of the most anticipated births of the year. But not all of the media attention has been good.

Not only did Markle’s family embarrass her with several controversial interviews, but she also allegedly got into a feud with Kate Middleton. Based on a new poll in the UK, it appears as though the bad press has affected Markle’s popularity.

According to Express, an online poll revealed that Middleton is significantly more popular than Markle. At one point, Middleton received around 30 percent of the total votes while Markle only garnered around six. The poll included several members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, William, Harry, Queen Elizabeth, and even Harry’s newborn, Archie Harrison.

Queen Elizabeth received the largest portion of the vote, followed closely by Middleton. Unfortunately for Markle, other polls have produced similar results.

Kate Middleton is more popular than Meghan Markle

In a recent poll from a company called Opinium, pollsters overwhelming thought Middleton was doing a better job than Markle. In fact, Middleton received an approval rating of over 62 percent while Markle only managed slightly over 37.

For a quick comparison, Queen Elizabeth got a whopping 70 percent approval rating. These numbers are consistent with the online poll and indicate that people are generally more pleased with Middleton.

There are any number of reasons why Middleton is more popular than Markle. For starters, Middleton has been at it for a much longer period. The Duchess of Cambridge starting dating Prince William in the early 2000s and the couple wed in 2011.

Kate Middleton has also enjoyed a lot of good press over the years while Markle has already faced several controversies. Being an American has also hurt Markle as many people in the UK still view her as an outsider. The good news is that Markle has plenty of time to make up ground, though it is unclear if she will ever pass Middleton in popularity.

Inside Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud

Harry’s ongoing feud with William has not helped Markle’s popularity. Last year, rumors surfaced that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were feuding, though it was later revealed that the real beef was between Harry and William.

Inside sources claim that William gave Harry some advice about taking things slow with Markle. Harry did not approve of the comments and the brothers reportedly stopped talking to each other all together. Sources say they went six months without uttering a word to each other, despite the fact that they both lived inside Kensington Palace.

Recent developments have only added more fuel to the fire. A few months ago, the royal family announced plans to split William and Harry’s households into two distinct entities. William and Harry will have their own team of staffers and will operate entirely separate from each other. This past week, the brothers took things a step further with plans to abandon their joint charity, the Royal Foundation.

Sources revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not want to work on the same charity as Prince William and Kate Middleton because they want more independence. Kensington Palace has not confirmed the news, though it is clear that William and Harry are going separate ways.