Is ‘Lisey’s Story’ Scary Like ‘It’ or ‘Pet Semetary’?

Lisey’s Story hits Apple TV on June 4. Knowing it comes from the mind of horror guru Stephen King, some viewers may wonder if the highly-anticipated drama is scary or more of a psychological thriller. 

Julianne Moore in the Apple TV series 'Lisey's Story'
Julianne Moore in the Apple TV series ‘Lisey’s Story’ | Apple TV

What is ‘Lisey’s Story’ about?

Lisey’s Story follows Lisey Landon (Julianne Moore), a widow trying to move on from the loss of her husband, famous novelist Scott Landon (Clive Owen). But after facing a series of tragic events, Lisey begins recalling her most loving moments with Scott. 

But she can’t help stop other terrifying memories from surfacing. Scott’s past is riddled with family abuse, horror, and trauma, as well as encounters with a dangerous fan who stalked him. And through her own horrifying psychological and supernatural journey, Lisey attempts to find some sense of resolution. 

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Is ‘Lisey’s Story’ scary?

From It to Pet Semetary, King has written some of the most terrifying stories in modern literature. And their on-screen adaptations have been equally frightening.

Lisey’s Story is based on the author’s 2006 award-winning novel of the same name. While the book tells a tale of psychological horror, it is also a love story. 

Lisey’s Story is scary in that it features trauma, pain, ghosts, monsters, and serial killers. But like many of King’s other works, it focuses more on its characters than the metaphorical and literal horrors they face. 

Stephen King explains his personal connection to ‘Lisey’s Story’ and why he believes the Apple TV series is scary

King has written dozens of popular books. But Lisey’s Story is one of the closest to his heart. 

The author wrote the novel after going through a near-death experience. And the aftermath of that experience is what inspired him to write the novel.

Lisey’s Story is my favorite, it always has been,” King says in a video for Apple TV. “Lisey is a different thing for me. It’s very close to my heart. I had pneumonia, around the year 2000 and came really close to stepping out. When I came home from the hospital. My wife had cleaned out my study, and I thought to myself, ‘I die, I’m a ghost.'”

King also explained why he thinks the series is scary.  “It’s a very scary story in a lot of ways,” he notes. “It is scary in a supernatural way, but it’s also scary because there really are dangerous people out there.”

Who is in the ‘Lisey’s Story’ cast?

Lisey’s Story stars Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore as Lisey Landon. Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Clive Owen portrays her late husband, Scott Landon. 

The series also stars Joan Allen as Lisey’s troubled sister, Amanda Debusher; Dane DeHaan as Jim Dooley; Sung Kang as Officer Dan Boeckman; Jennifer Jason Leigh as Darla, and Ron Cephas Jones as Professor Dashmiel.

Lisey’s Story premieres on Apple TV on Friday, June 4. New episodes will drop weekly on the streamer every Friday.