Is ‘Friends’ Alum Matthew Perry Single?

Matthew Perry has kept his head down in recent years, but that might be changing. The former Friends actor joined Instagram this year, and he already has more than 6 million followers. 

Thanks to his new social media presence, fans know more about Perry’s personal life than ever before. His relationship with Molly Hurwitz was already public knowledge by the time Perry joined Instagram, but fans still learned more information thanks to posts the two have made.

For example, it seems like they were together for two years. Unfortunately, they’ve now announced that they’ve split, and Perry may be having a difficult time dealing with things. 

Matthew Perry’s Instagram posts suggests he’s sad about the breakup 

Shortly after the breakup, Perry hinted that he may be having some trouble adjusting to single life. He wrote: “Why is today especially hard?”

It seems like this could be referring to his post break up the grieving process. But with the global pandemic, it may be that Perry is having trouble coping with lockdown or other feelings of anxiety. 

In February an Instagram post from Hurwitz revealed that she and Perry had been dating for two years. It’s unclear how the two met or how serious they were. Perry and Hurwitz were very quiet about their relationship. 

Even though Hurwitz is a lot younger than Perry, she’s the one who kept him grounded. They may have an age gap — Perry is 50 and Hurwitz is 29 — but she’s mature for her age. According to a source close to the actor: “Molly is a fun and quirky girl. She’s not a hard partier and has been a good influence on him.”

Matthew Perry had substance abuse issues in the past

Matthew Perry trolls 'The Bachelor' on Instagram
Matthew Perry | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Perry needs good influences in his life. He’s had his fair share of problems. Even though his time on Friends was the height of his acting career, Perry doesn’t remember a good chunk of it. The show was on for 10 years, during which Perry developed a serious addiction problem.

He went to rehab in 1997, while still on the show. His drug of choice at the time was Vicodin. He began taking the prescription painkiller after a jet ski accident and, unfortunately, became addicted to them. 

Perry managed to finish out Friends in relatively good mental health, but in 2001 he was back in rehab again for similar issues. In recent months, fans are wondering if he is having issues again. He has had health problems, including a stomach issue that landed him in the hospital.

There have been reports that Perry’s former cast members were worried about him too. It turns out his former Friends peers may be the reason Perry joined Instagram in the first place. 

The ‘Friends’ cast is still friends in real life 

Jennifer Aniston broke a record when she opened her Instagram account and posted a present-day selfie of all the Friends costars together as her first post. She was the fastest new account to gain 1 million followers, and she encouraged her friend Perry to join as well.

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow also wanted Perry to join the platform. Apparently the three women thought it would “boost his confidence.” According to an insider, “Jen couldn’t stop smiling” when she broke the 1 million follower record, and she thought Perry could do just as well on Instagram. 

The fact that Kudrow, Cox, and Aniston felt the need to help Perry “boost his confidence” is a clear sign that he’s in a not so great place right now. Hopefully, his recent breakup won’t make things worse.