Is Meghan Markle Allowed to Borrow Jewelry from Queen Elizabeth like Kate Middleton?

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton might belong to the same royal family but they follow very different rules when it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s lavish jewelry collection. Since tying the knot with Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan has rarely been spotted wearing one of Her Majesty’s prized jewels. Kate, on the other hand, frequently rocks pieces from Queen Elizabeth’s collection. So is Meghan allowed to borrow jewelry from Queen Elizabeth like Kate?

Meghan Markle Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

Why doesn’t Meghan Markle wear Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry?

When they tied the knot with their respective husbands, Meghan and Kate both wore tiaras that belonged to Queen Elizabeth. Kate has continued that trend of borrowing from Her Majesty, though Meghan has not followed suit.

In fact, the former Suits star rarely wears something from Her Majesty’s extensive collection in public and tends to favor items from Princess Diana’s set instead. But why doesn’t Meghan borrow more items from Queen Elizabeth?

According to Express, an inside source claims that Queen Elizabeth does not allow Meghan Markle to borrow her jewelry. We do not know why Her Majesty has prohibited Meghan from wearing her items, but it has reportedly put a lot of strain on Harry and the rest of the royal family.

“This is a surprising situation that has been going on behind the scenes over the past few months and has caused tension and upset, especially for Harry,” the insider shared. “It is at the discretion of the Queen and trusted advisers which items in the Royal Collection she chooses to loan out and to whom.”

As the head of the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth has the final say on who gets to wear items from her jewelry stores. Although Meghan does not has as much access to the collection as Kate, there might be another reason why she does not borrow from Queen Elizabeth.

Inside Markle’s jewelry decisions

Whenever she gets items from the royal family, Meghan usually prefers pieces that belonged to Diana. This includes small earrings and delicate gold bracelets, which stand in stark contrast to what Kate usually wears.

Kate typically enjoys wearing pieces that make a statement or have a specific link to the royal family. In this way, the Duchess of Cambridge is more traditional than Meghan, whose style differs in every way.

Meghan Markle’s jewelry preferences could be one reason why she does not borrow as much from Queen Elizabeth’s collection. The former actress’ tastes tend to lean more towards things that are less flashy, which is the exact opposite of what Queen Elizabeth has to offer.

A lot of the items in Diana’s collection match Meghan’s sense of fashion. She also likes to support designers who are aware of the environmental impact of the industry, which is also why she favors things that are more modest.

Kate Middleton rocks Queen Elizabeth’s earrings

While Meghan prefers small pieces of jewelry, Kate is never afraid to rock something that makes a big statement.

This past November, for example, Kate borrowed a set of pearl earrings from Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry collection. She showed off the stunning pieces during the Remembrance Day celebrations.

And during her outing for the Festival Remembrance, an event that was held inside Royal Albert Hall, Kate rocked a pair of diamond studs — which also belonged to Her Majesty.

Kate wore the same earrings during this year’s Trooping the Colour event. She also donned them for the Remembrance Sunday events and is clearly a big fan of the pieces.

Are Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle close?

A lot has been made of Meghan’s relationship with Kate ever since she exchanged vows with Harry in 2018. Most of the rumors hint that the women are constantly at odds with each other, though the Cambridges have never spoken about the reports in public.

Harry and Meghan, however, have addressed the negative press in recent months. In a special set of interviews for the documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, Harry admitted that he and William are on “different paths” at the moment, seemingly confirming the feud rumors.

Meghan Markle added that she has been struggling with the constant attention and that living in the royal family has been very difficult in recent months.

The admissions have sparked a bunch of rumors related to Harry and Meghan’s future in the royal family and their relationship with William and Kate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to visit the United States for the holidays so hopefully they can get a break from all the madness.