Is Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Mad About How ‘The Hills’ Frankie Delgado Behaved on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’?

The Jersey Shore roommates recently played the cast of The Hills on Celebrity Family FeudSome players were more gracious than others — and many fans took notice! Now, some viewers want to know if Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is upset about how Frankie Delgado lacked sportsmanship and was “d*uchey” toward him during the game.

'Celebrity Family Feud' Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Frankie Delgado
‘Jersey Shore’ cast on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ | Byron Cohen / ABC via Getty Images

Tensions were high between Frankie and ‘The Situation’ 

Typically on Family Feud, sportsmanship is part of the game. When players approach the podium to guess their first answer, they’ll shake hands with their opponent before Steve Harvey reads the survey question. When it came time for Sorrentino and Delgado to play, the tension in the game reached an all-time high. 

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As Sorrentino extended his hand for a shake, Delgado did the same, only to swipe it away and pantomime brushing his hair back. “Now we got a situation,” Sorrentino joked, brushing Delgado’s actions off. “Michael, yes, we do,” Delgado retorted. Tensions heightened when Harvey said: “I got all my money on him,” alluding to Sorrentino winning in a fight. 

The disrespect continued when Delgado’s answer earned him more points and his team decided to play. Spencer Pratt commented: “I guess he can go play his little violin over there,” poking fun at Sorrentino’s answer. 

Many viewers hated on ‘The Hills’ cast during the episode

Several viewers spoke out on Twitter while the episode of Celebrity Family Feud aired. “I’m watching Family Feud with The Hills and Jersey Shore, and I have to say, the people from The Hills are complete a*sholes,” one fan tweeted. Most viewers were upset with Delgado’s actions. “This was a great Family Feud — I thought Frankie gave “The Situation” too much attitude for no reason, way to keep it classy Situation,” a Jersey Shore fan tweeted. “Watching Celebrity Family Feud Jersey Shore vs. The Hills and Spencer and Frankie couldn’t be bigger D-bags,” another wrote.

Is ‘The Situation’ bothered by Frankie’s actions?

The episode of Celebrity Family Feud featuring The Hills and Jersey Shore aired June 28. The following day, Sorrentino tweeted: “Become better, not bitter” with a GIF of himself from the episode exposing his “situation.” While it’s unclear whether Sorrentino’s Tweet was related to Delgado, several fans assumed he was indirectly addressing the way The Hills cast behaved during the game. “Tell that to that loser Frankie,” one aggravated viewer replied to Sorrentino. “Frankie and a lot of The Hills cast were so incredibly rude,” another viewer tweeted back.

Many people still had things to say about Delgado’s sportsmanship. Other fans praised Sorrentino for the way he handled the situation. “You showed class over that classless nobody,” a Sorrentino supporter tweeted. “But I think the old Mike may have body-slammed him! Go Team Jersey!”

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“I was so p*ssed at the guy on the other team that was rude to you,” another fan replied. “You handled it well!!” Sorrentino never responded to any of the replies, but he did “like” one reply — and it was to the fan who wrote “Tell that to that loser Frankie.”