Is ‘My Feet Are Killing Me’ Dr. Brad Schaeffer Married?

My Feet Are Killing Me recently aired its third season on TLC. Viewers see the unnerving conditions a person’s foot can develop. The show focuses on two podiatrists named Dr. Ebonie Vincent and Dr. Brad Schaeffer. 

Brad Schaeffer crossing his arms in front of a white background
Brad Schaeffer | Chris Haston/Getty Images

An episode lasts for about an hour, and each one features three patients who need help. Dr. Schaeffer has stood out to fans, and some of them follow him on social media. A few people have wondered what his relationship status is. 

Is Dr. Brad Schaeffer of ‘My Feet Are Milling Me’ married?

After watching Schaeffer perform in My Feet Are Killing Me, fans are curious about his personal life. One thing people want to know is about his love life.

The Cinemaholic reports that he was married in the past when he was working on his medical and surgical board exams. 

Schaeffer has not provided many details about his previous marriage. However, he presumably has been divorced for multiple years now. According to Distractify, it does appear as if Schaeffer is unmarried currently. From what fans can tell, he is single. 

Viewers have not seen Schaeffer with a ring on TV, but many doctors remove their jewelry before operating. On social media, Schaeffer does not wear any rings either. People have noticed that the TLC star has not mentioned anything about a partner in his posts. 

It is possible that Schaeffer is keeping a part of his personal life private. However, he could be single. Fans do know that he is a family man from the way he interacts with his relatives. 

Is Dr. Brad Schaeffer a real doctor?

Viewers can see Schaeffer work on serious foot problems that many guests have. They can learn more about foot care. Despite what some people might think, Schaeffer does not only portray a doctor on reality TV. When not filming for TLC, he still helps patients as a podiatrist in real life.  

Schaeffer has trained and obtained certification to improve the condition of people’s feet. He works at one of the offices of a private practice called Family Foot & Ankle Specialists. Schaeffer has years of experience as a podiatrist. Now, he has become a reality star on TLC. 

My Feet Are Killing Me is not the first gig Schaeffer has had. Before he became a doctor, he appeared on Dwayne Johnson’s The Titan Games in 2019. Schaeffer’s experience with a reality series likely helped him land a spot on the TLC show.  

Someone who needs help can find Schaeffer in New Jersey. A person does not need to apply to be on the reality show. Instead, they can simply book an appointment at his office. 

Where did Dr. Brad Schaeffer go to college?

Schaeffer came from a blue-collar family, but he is not the only person to work in the medical field, as his younger sister works as a nurse. 

Studying medicine is never easy, and Schaeffer had a difficult time completing his medical education. He attended Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida, and he was a baseball player at the time. Schaeffer faced multiple challenges that he had to work through. 

For example, his grades started to fall. As a result, Schaeffer had to stop playing baseball to focus on his academic career. He persevered through his medical studies and later enrolled in the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. 

Schaeffer would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med studies. He completed a comprehensive residency program of three years. After a couple of tries, he passed all of his exams with high scores and earned his license.

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