Is Olivia Rodrigo Dating Anyone in 2021?

Olivia Rodrigo has broken out of her Disney roots. The celebrity started acting at just 10 years old. Now her hit album has everyone talking. Fans are comparing her to Taylor Swift, and Rodrigo is happy with that comparison. In fact, Rodrigo herself is a huge T. Swift fan. Like many of Swift’s popular songs, Rodrigo’s hit song “Driver’s License” is about a failed relationship. Like Swift, Rodrigo isn’t about to kiss and tell. Although fans guess at the subject of the song, Rodrigo has said she’s keeping the inspiration a secret. That’s not surprising, considering how tight-lipped Rodrigo is about her love life. 

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Olivia Rodrigo has been building her career for almost a decade

Even though Rodrigo is just 18 years old, she’s been building her music career for almost a decade. Rodrigo entered the entertainment business at just 10 years old. After a few commercials and bit parts, Rodrigo landed a prime role on a TV sitcom. Rodrigo’s breakout role was on Disney’s Bizaardvark. Rodrigo apparently found the Mouse a good employer, at least good enough to take another role with the company. Rodrigo played Nini Salazar-Roberts on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS)

Her early credits were on Disney shows, but Rodrigo always wanted to be a musician. In fact, she used her Disney exposure to showcase her musical talents. Rodrigo had the opportunity to perform some music on Bizaardvark, and her talent is likely what got her cast on HSMTMTS. The set of HSMTMTS may have also given Rodrigo the inspiration for her latest album, or at least for a few songs on it. Most of Rodrigo’s exes were costars, and fans speculate that one of them could be the subject of “Driver’s License.” 

Is “Driver’s License” about Joshua Bassett?

According to Bustle, Rodrigo may have written her hit song about HSMTMTS co-star Joshua Bassett. Rodrigo has never publicly confirmed that relationship. She’s quiet about her personal life, and she’s also quite young. It could be that Rodrigo doesn’t want to tie herself down with a public relationship. She’s still a teen, after all. But she and Bassett shared many an Instagram moment. 

Since neither Rodrigo nor Bassett have shared the timeline of their relationship, if any, fans are left to guess. They know Rodrigo was sad back in August 2020, thanks to a TikTok she posted captioned “And that’s on failed relationships.” She was eating a muffin at the time, possibly as comfort food. Then, Bassett was seen out and about with another young actor, this one a blonde. Fans tied that to one of Rodrigo’s lyrics in “Driver’s License.” Rodrigo hints that her ex might be with “a blonde girl.” 

Olivia Rodrigo is currently single 

If Rodrigo finds her inspiration from failed relationships, fans may need to wait for another album. The singer is currently single, at least that’s what she says. Rodrigo doesn’t like to publicize her love life. Aside from the speculated fling with Bassett, Rodrigo did have one other romantic link. She dated her Bizaardvark co-star Ethan Wacker between 2018 and 2019. Since then, Rodrigo hasn’t confirmed a relationship publicly, including now. 

Fans did think that Rodrigo and singer Conan Gray. The two have worked together on a few occasions, and seem to get along well. But Rodrigo claims Gray is just a friend, and that they have a mutual producer. In all likelihood, Rodrigo probably doesn’t have a lot of time to date. Her star is on the rise in a big way. Rodrigo’s first album Sour just dropped last month, and she’s spent most of her time promoting it. Plus, Rodrigo is only 18. She seems more interested in her career and art than in a romantic partner right now, and as a record-breaking artist with only one studio album, who can blame her. 

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