Is Prince Charles Close to His Siblings?

Prince Charles seems to have it all: He is first in line to the British throne, he has a wife whom he loves, two incredibly handsome sons, and he just welcomed his fourth grandchild. To top it off, Charles gets to travel the world and live in some of the most luxurious pieces of real estate in the entire United Kingdom, if not the world. With fans around the world who love him so dearly, Charles’s life seems to be complete.

As the eldest of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s four children, fans might wonder if Charles gets along with his siblings — two brothers and one sister. We don’t see them together very often unless they are at royal engagements, family holidays, or affairs. In addition, we haven’t heard Charles speak much about his siblings, raising the question as to if they get along at all. While we may never know what goes on behind closed doors, we can take a look at what we do know regarding the relationship between Charles and his siblings: Anne, Princess Royal, Andrew, Duke of York, and Edward, Earl of Wessex.

How far apart in age is Prince Charles from his siblings?

Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool /Getty Images

The age of any group of siblings certainly matters. After all, the closer in age they are, the more likely they are to bond while growing up. Anne is only two years younger than Charles. Andrew wasn’t born until the future king was 12 years old, and his youngest brother, Edward, didn’t arrive until Charles himself was 16 years old. While he may have had a playmate in Princess Anne while growing up, we have to say that is quite an age gap between Charles and his brothers.

Is Prince Charles close with Princess Anne?

While Charles and his sister seem cordial while interacting at royal events, they aren’t necessarily close. In fact, it is well known that Anne didn’t approve of Charles’ affair with Camilla, and didn’t want the couple to get married. This may have caused some additional tension between the royal brother and sister duo, especially considering they didn’t have the best relationship to begin with. It doesn’t help that they are interested in different things, have different views on the world and royal life, and don’t run in the same circles.

Is Prince Charles close with his brothers?

As the oldest child in his family, Charles did not get as much attention from his parents as he would have liked. He was born when Queen Elizabeth was still a princess, and once she became the ruling monarch, her schedule was extremely full. As a result, a young Charles spent a great deal of his time being raised by nannies, something he may have always resented.

By the time his two younger brothers were born many years later, the queen had more time on her hands to give them the attention that Charles missed out on during his formative years. It has also been thought that Andrew and Edward were slightly envious of the fact that Charles will one day be king. When Princes William and Harry were born, and the two youngest children of the queen were pushed back even further in line for the throne, the resentment reportedly reached an all-time high.

Is Prince Charles close to his siblings?

Sadly, no. All families have disagreements and sometimes, even arguments and tension, and the royals are obviously no exception. However, it would appear as if Prince Charles has not been close to his sister and two brothers for years, and that is not likely to change now. It would have been wonderful to see them as the tight-knit family that many people envision, but unfortunately, that is not the case.