Is Prince George Allowed to Have Playdates With Non-Royals?

Prince George is one of the youngest royals in the entire family, and he probably doesn’t even know yet that one day he will be king. As a small child, he may not even realize just how famous he actually is.

Prince George recently entered the new school year: He is a student at Thomas’s Battersea in London, where his parents — Kate Middleton and Prince William — can often be seen in the drop-off and pick-up lines just like all the other moms and dads. The young prince is always photographed looking happy and excited, and he seems to be a bundle of energy when he is playing with his younger sister, Princess Charlotte.

Royal fans can only imagine that Prince George gets along well with his classmates, like any other child his age would. There is no doubt that he has formed friendships with other students, leading fans to wonder: Is Prince George allowed to have playdates with non-royals?

Prince George is a typical student at school

Britain's Prince George arrives for his first day of school at Thomas's school.
Prince George | RICHARD POHLE/AFP/Getty Images

Prince George may be third in line to the British throne, but to his classmates at school, he is simply “George.” According to Her, the future king enjoys going to school every day, and his charming personality is well-received by the other children.

In fact, PrinceGeorge doesn’t receive any special treatment during the school day, and he is treated just like everyone else. He is not called by his royal title and does not receive any extra attention because of who he is.

What’s more, no one makes a big deal regarding his royal status, and when Duchess Kate and Prince William do the school runs. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly extremely friendly and tend to interact with all of the other parents. 

Prince George and Princess Charlotte do not have best friends

Although the Cambridge children get along great with all of the other kids at school, they don’t have best friends, according to the International Business Times. However, this is not because they are members of the royal family.

As it turns out, their private school, Thomas’s, is known for encouraging the inclusion of all students. They frown upon just one or two children joining together and excluding others from their activities, and they focus on teaching the children to be kind and generous to everyone. Each child is equally important at the school, which is the reason that “best friends” are discouraged. 

Who does Prince George play with?

While it is true that being a student keeps Prince George pretty busy, he still makes the time for fun and games. So, who does George play with? Well, he spends a great deal of time having fun with his younger sister: Princess Charlotte. And even though his paternal cousin, Baby Archie, is only a few months old, Harper’s Bazaar reports that Prince George adores being around him.

People reports that Prince George also likes to interact with his other cousin, Mia Tindall, and the two are often seen having a great time together.

Is Prince George allowed to have playdates with non-royals?

When it comes to friends and playdates, The Sun reports that Prince William and Middleton love the fact that Prince George invites his school buddies to the palace for some fun. It is not exciting only for the Cambridge family, though. The friends that George invites over are not used to going to Kensington Palace for playdates, so it is a pretty big deal for them.

Families of the children that come over need to go through extra security measures, so it is a little different from what they’ve experienced before. Even so, Prince William and Duchess Kate are down to earth people who are over the moon to see their son getting along so well.