Is Prince Harry’s Feud With Prince William Over the Rumored Rose Hanbury Affair?

Rumors about the royal family have been rapidly circulating lately, in particular regarding feuds. First, there was speculation that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle did not get along.

This went on for months, with people even saying the supposed rift was the real reason Meghan and Prince Harry decided to move to Windsor. Even though these rumors were put to rest, more have surfaced, this time about a feud between Prince William and Prince Harry.

The famously close brothers are said to be involved in a rift with each other, leaving many fans wondering what it could possibly be about. With another rumor circulating, in which people think that William may have cheated on Kate with her friend, Rose Hanbury, fans can’t help but wonder if the two scandals are related.

Is Prince Harry’s feud with his brother over the rumored Rose Hanbury affair?

What is going on?

In recent weeks, Kate Middleton and her friend Rose Hanbury have had some sort of a falling out. They were close for years, with Rose’s family being connected to the royals for quite some time. Her grandmother was even a bridesmaid to Queen Elizabeth when she married Prince Philip.

No one knows exactly what happened between Rose and the duchess, but many fans suspect an alleged affair with Prince William thanks to tabloid stories and zero evidence.

Are the brothers feuding?

Over the past few weeks, there has been talk of a royal feud between two of our favorite princes. The brothers have always been extremely close, supporting each other during both difficult and happy times, and always laughing, joking, and spending time together. After Meghan Markle and Harry got married, it was thought that their wives were at odds.

Now that those rumors are finally dying down, fans feel that the real tension is between William and Harry. Many people felt even more so that the rumors were true when the brothers were photographed exchanging cold looks on Easter Sunday.

What is the feud about?

No one knows for sure, and no official statements have been released. Initially, it was believed that William had expressed concerns that Harry and Meghan’s relationship had moved too fast, making Harry absolutely livid.

There was never any proof of this, but fans didn’t stop wondering what possibly could be causing tension between the two princes. Now, many feel that the rumored Rose Hanbury affair could be the cause of the feud.

Harry and Kate have always been close

Even before Kate married into the royal family back in 2011, she was close friends with Prince Harry. The two could often be seen enjoying each other’s company, at times even sitting next to each other at royal events.

It certainly makes sense that Harry would want to protect Kate, and if the cheating rumors turned out to be true, he would likely want to provide all of the support that he possibly could to his sister-in-law.

Is the alleged feud over the Rose Hanbury rumors?

It doesn’t seem to be. The cheating rumors have not actually been confirmed at this point, and William and Kate don’t seem fazed by the speculation one bit. This likely indicates that they are, in fact, nothing but rumors, and there would be no tension between William and Harry regarding what fans are thinking.

If the brothers actually are feuding, we do not know what has caused the disagreement between them. We do know, however, that if anyone can work out whatever is going on, William and Harry can. They have a strong, brotherly bond that can’t be broken, and while it is certainly possible that they have hit a rough patch, whatever it is will likely pass soon.