Is Prince William’s Rumored Affair With Rose Hanbury Too Convenient?

It’s fair to say the British royals are fighting a war (not of the roses) with the tabloids at the moment, 22 years after the paparazzi displayed remorse for the death of Princess Diana. With a new generation of tabloid photographers around, many of them have no concept about the dangers they’re imposing. At the same time, they also don’t seem to care if they make up royal scandals if there’s even a shred of evidence available.

Their biggest media story lately was the feud between Meghan and Kate, something we’ve seen continually challenged. After mostly being proven false, the tabloids seemed to have moved on to the next big story: Kate banishing Rose Hanbury from her life.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are perfect targets for fake news

While America continually grapples with the idea of what’s true and what isn’t in media when reporting politics, U.K. stories of royal feuding and philandering seem like child’s play in comparison. A willing public there and here are still willing to gobble up the prospects of Kate and Meghan not getting along with one another.

Once the news came out about Kate shunning Rose Hanbury from her inner circle, all hell broke loose on the possibility it was due to William having an affair with Rose.

Many aspects of this story have been discounted, though there always seems to be a little room for doubt to keep it trending. It’s all part of the secret formula tabloids have used for years, including rags in America we still see in checkout aisles.

Thankfully, sources like The Daily Mail are calling the William affair complete fabrication.

The Rose Hanbury scandal likely comes from the tabloids not getting along with the young royals

Let’s remember William and Kate haven’t been exactly friendly with the international press. Some of you may remember when they sued a French tabloid that published topless photos of Kate. Some might think this was William’s sense of payback against France for not properly treating his mother after her tragic car accident.

Mostly, it’s a connective string to all tabloids and the royal hatred for what they do to attempt personal ruin. The British paparazzi have obviously paid attention and still dig deep to inflate salacious stories when the reality is most likely much different.

What makes this latest story interesting about William’s supposed affair with Rose Hanbury is that The Daily Mail provides plenty of evidence on just how fake the story is. They even say William and David Cholmondeley (the husband of Hanbury) are perplexed over these rumors and often laugh them off as typical paparazzi fluff.

Will there be a new lawsuit?

The younger royals haven’t sued the British press yet for an untrue story. Nevertheless, there is a precedent for it. The queen sued The Sun a couple of times years back for leaking copyrighted information in advance.

Princess Diana also sued for invasion of privacy and received compensation for legal costs, plus a donation to one of her charities.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a law in Britain until recent years where you can successfully sue a tabloid for lack of privacy. Now you can, leaving it open to the royals going after the tabloids viciously if they think their privacy has ever been breached.

As this William and Rose Hanbury story continues to permeate, we wonder if William and Kate will sue the British tabloids breaking the story.

Harry and Meghan may take legal action themselves

Considering the tabloids are much hungrier for news on Harry, Meghan, and their royal baby, it could foster a bigger war between the young royals and British press in coming years.

We all know about the Wars of the Roses in Britain’s past. In 21st century terms, it may be the War of Privacy as the newly evolved royals try to shut down a British press with no sense of ethics or comprehension of the tragic outcomes they could end up creating again.