Is Rob Kardashian Close With His Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

While there is plenty of speculation and documentation about the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their relationship to one another, there’s a little less known about how their brother Rob Kardashian fits into the mix. Rob Kardashian is certainly less publicly visible than his sisters, and that alone makes it difficult to pin down his standing with his siblings. 

However, keen-eyed fans have gone back to look at older episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and have noticed a pattern: Rob seems to be closer to his sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian than he does Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Is there any truth to this observation, and, if so, what might be behind it? 

Rob Kardashian has been at the center of concern 

Rob Kardashian smiling
Rob Kardashian | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

One of the reasons that Rob is the lesser-known Kardashian is because he is notably absent from a favorite platform for the family: Instagram. Kardashian got himself banned from the social media platform when he posted revenge porn of his ex Blac Chyna. While his family has intervened by posting on his behalf to make sure that he has some kind of Instagram presence and he is still allowed on other platforms, this absence (and the offense that landed him in trouble) has taken a serious toll on his reputation and popularity. 

He has also been in a public custody dispute with Blac Chyna concerning their daughter, Dream. The reality of that battle and the drama surrounding their break-up and legal fights have certainly kept Kardashian from oversharing at the risk of hurting his case. The end result is that Rob Kardashian’s life is much less an open book than that of his sisters. 

Fans have noticed a pattern in Rob Kardashian’s behavior

Still, Rob Kardashian wasn’t always out of the spotlight. Before his personal life exploded, he made regular appearances on the reality show, but more recently he has fallen away from a primary role and is instead relegated to occasional drop-ins. Some attentive fans who have been rewatching the older episodes with Rob at the center have made an observation: he tends to favor his older sisters. 

“[H]e’s always been more about his older sisters than his younger ones and even seemed to treat Lamar and Kanye more like siblings than Brandon/Brody/Bert/Casey,” wrote one Reddit user, referencing the belief that Rob seemed closer to the significant others of Kim and Khloé than he did  his step-brothers

The commenter also pointed out that when Rob announced his engagement to Blac Chyna — a move that was documented on the reality show — he specifically texted Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney to tell them he needed to talk to them. Kylie and Kendall were left out of the message. 

There are many theories about the uneven treatment

Fans quickly weighed in with theories about what might cause Rob’s uneven treatment of his siblings. Some speculated that it’s simply the age gap that makes him closer to his older sisters. Born just a couple of years after Khloé, Rob is separated from Kylie and Kendall by more than a decade. 

Others believe that the gap in closeness has to do with their different upbringings. “I think the Kardashians and the Jenners (ex Kylie and Kendall) were not raised to treat each other like siblings, hence they weren’t close and really have nothing to do with each other anymore. It’s sad for Kendall and Kylie who have many siblings and rarely had the opportunity to have them all together and getting along well,” wrote one.

Still, others took issue with the entire premise and argued that Rob had shown lots of affection for his younger sisters. Some mentioned that he seemed particularly close to them in earlier seasons of the show.

At the end of the day, watching someone else’s life from afar doesn’t really reveal much about what’s in their hearts and minds, and Rob Kardashian is obviously not as focused on the made-for-TV drama as his sisters. The gap in his treatment of his sisters — real or imagined — may just be a byproduct of the cameras rolling and not necessarily a part of his day-to-day life.