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There are plenty of celebrity lookalikes giving fans double-takes, and Margot Robbie is one of those actors who has been linked to other famous women. While many fans have pointed out how much she looks like Jaime Pressley, they’ve now turned their attention to her resemblance to newcomer Emma Mackey. 

In fact, their resemblance is so strong that some are wondering if the women are related. It’s not that far-fetched.

After all, acting is often a family affair with plenty of siblings all going into the entertainment business. Are Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie sisters or maybe cousins? Let’s take a closer look. 

Margot Robbie’s star is ascending

Robbie is an Australian actor who began acting in the Australian soap opera Neighbors when she was in her late teens. She followed that success up with a short run on an American sitcom called Pan Am, and from there she worked her way into films.

One of her earliest roles was in the immensely popular Wolf of Wall Street. While she reported hating filming that bizarre seduction scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, her small but important role in the film certainly increased her name recognition and Hollywood visibility. 

She would go onto roles in other successful films like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot before landing the starring role in I, Tonya — a critically-acclaimed account of Tonya Harding’s life told from her own perspective that demonstrated Robbie was capable of much more than a supporting role. She also starred as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, a role she is reprising for several comic-themed spinoffs. 

Her performance in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood as Sharon Tate has also garnered praise and attention. All in all, Robbie has proven herself to be a serious actor with a wide range of talents who are taking on high-profile parts.

We can expect to see a lot more of her in the coming years with multiple projects announced or in production. 

Emma Mackey is a Hollywood newcomer

Six years younger than Robbie, Mackey is a relative newcomer on the entertainment scene. Like Robbie, she was born overseas, but in France rather than in Australia.

In her late teens, she moved to London to attend school and started getting work in stage productions there. After graduating, she stayed in London to pursue an acting career. 

She had a role in a TV movie called Badger Lane in 2016, and she immediately got a major break by being cast as Maeve Wiley in the Netflix series Sex Education. That success has led to more opportunities for the fledgling actor including roles in the upcoming films Death on the Nile and Eiffel. 

On top of that, it’s widely expected (but has not been officially announced) that Sex Education will continue for a third season, so we can expect to see more of Mackey there, too. 

Are Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie related?

Actress Emma Mackey attends the 2019 French Tennis Open.
Emma Mackey | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Fans have been quick to point out the resemblance between these two women. With their similar jawlines, high cheekbones, and dimpled smiles, it’s easy to see why. Well, it’s easy for fans.

It’s not easy for Mackey herself who said: “I genuinely just don’t see it at all. Like, it’s lovely to be compared to Margot Robbie, but mostly I’d rather people focus on the jobs that we’re both doing rather than what we look like.”

Robbie admitted to being mistaken for Mackey at a diner: “Someone came up to me, I was eating a burger. And they were like ‘I loved you in ‘Sex Education,’ that show is so cool, we just started watching it.’ And I was like ‘I’m so sorry, it’s not me.'”

While their resemblance has fans questioning their potential connection to one another, it is just a coincidence. These two actors are not related to one another. They just happen to be rising stars with pretty faces who are orbiting the entertainment world at the same time.