Is ‘The Bachelor’ on Tonight, Feb. 7, 2022? New Spoilers Revealed for Clayton Echard’s Season

Monday nights are all about Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor on ABC. At times the show has had to compete with Monday Night Football which can switch up the schedule from time to time. So, is The Bachelor on tonight? Here’s when to watch and what’s in store for the ladies vying for Clayton’s heart.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.]

The women of 'The Bachelor' Season 26 sit at tables outside in front of a brick wall.
Some of the women from Clayton Echard’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/John Medland

Is ‘The Bachelor’ on tonight, Feb. 7, 2022, on ABC?

When we last left Clayton Echard and all the ladies on this season of The Bachelor, Elizabeth Corrigan and Shanae Ankney continued to drag out the dreaded “Shrimpgate” incident. Clayton eventually sent Elizabeth home and kept Shanae which angered several fans. Since then, Clayton apologized to Elizabeth via social media and acknowledged his mistake. He told her if he knew about Shanae’s bullying, she would’ve eliminated Shanae instead.

The episode ended after viewers watched Shanae throw yet another temper tantrum. At this point, all of the women in the house want her eliminated. Will that happen tonight? Luckily, fans of the show get to see more of Shanae when The Bachelor returns tonight, Feb. 7, 2022, on ABC. The show airs at 8:00 P.M. EST on ABC.

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What to expect in tonight’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ with Clayton Echard

From ABC’s synopsis, fans can expect to see a big apology from Shanae, but it also hints at more drama to come with the Ohio native. The official synopsis reads: 

“Week five starts off with a splash when Clayton and one lucky woman head to Galveston, Texas, for a high-stakes date all about pleasure. Later, at the cocktail party, Clayton learns the cause of the palpable tension in the house is really one woman; but when confronted, she gives an award-worthy apology performance that might just be enough to keep her around. Then, it’s time to go international! In Toronto, Canada, one lucky lady takes her relationship with Clayton to new heights and those on the group date take some heat from comedy legend Russell Peters – and each other – during The Bachelor Ultimate Roast! But who will get the last laugh when Shanae and Genevieve are given the infamous two-on-one date?”

From previews for tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, it appears both Gabby Windey and Sarah Hamrick manage to snag some alone time with Clayton. In the teaser, audiences hear Clayton say, “Sarah blindsided me in the best, possible way.”

Who goes on the next one-on-one date with Clayton Echard?

While Genevieve Parisi and Shanae join Clayton for the two-on-one date, Gabby Windey gets the one-on-one date. According to Reality Steve, “ [The date] Definitely involved a helicopter ride, and I have a video (somewhere) of them walking in a park and sitting on a park bench. Gabby got the rose.”

The timing of Genevieve and Shanae’s two-on-one date remains a bit unclear, but Reality Steve also spoils that Clayton sends Shanae home during the date. However, whether or not this appears in tonight’s episode or at the beginning of episode 6 isn’t specified. 

Tune in to ABC on Monday nights at 8 P.M. EST to catch all-new episodes of The Bachelor and watch the drama as it unfolds.

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