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MTV stars Kailah Casillas and Sam Bird recently hung out in her home state of Florida for four days, where they attended several events together and enjoyed each other’s company. Are they dating?

Sam Bird
Wes Nelson, Sam Bird and Adam Collard | David M. Benett

Kailah Casillas on ‘The Challenge’

Originally from Real World: Go Big Or Go Home, Kailah Casillas made her Challenge debut on Season 29, Invasion of the Champions. She landed in the first elimination of the season but impressed everyone by walking away with the win.

However, the Florida-native went home a few weeks later. Casillas returned for the following season, Dirty 30, where she started a long-standing feud with Cara Maria Sorbello.

After pretending to befriend the veteran, the 27-year-old then threw Sorbello into Redemption very early into the season. The Florida-native came back for Vendettas, where she made it to the finals for the first time in her Challenge career.

Casillas also participated in Champs vs. Stars and teamed up with Drake Bell to raise almost $1,500 for charity. In 2018, the Florida-native appeared on Final Reckoning for nearly a full episode before she was disqualified for getting into a physical fight with Melissa Reeves.

Since her last appearance on The Challenge, Casillas appeared on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club for a few episodes until Lohan kicked her off the show for her attitude.

Sam Bird on ‘Ex on the Beach’

After a few episodes of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, former Love Island contestant Sam Bird moved into the chalet. Bird met Georgia Steel during the fourth season of the Love Island, where the two fell in love and moved in together after they finished filming.

Things didn’t work out, and the couple went through a very public and bitter breakup. They both accused the other of selling stories about their relationship to the press and haven’t talked since then. Once Bird showed up, it was clear Steel already had a connection with Callum Izzard, so he began talking to another single, La Demi.

However, Izzard became angry with Bird as he thought the Love Island star was “manipulating” her, resulting in Izzard screaming at Bird and punching a wall.

Wanting to avoid the drama, the 27-year-old moved on from Demi and began pursuing another single, Tyranny Todd. Even though the show is still airing, things seemingly didn’t work out with Bird and Todd as he is apparently dating Kailah Casillas.

Are Kailah Casillas and Sam Bird dating?

Casillas dated Michael “Mikey P” Pericoloso for around three years until she allegedly cheated on him with Stephen Bear while filming The Challenge Season 35.

After everyone returned to the states, Casillas went to Bear’s hometown in London and met his friends and family. Therefore, people assumed they were dating.

However, a few months later, Casillas began hanging out with Sam Bird. He flew to her home state of Florida on January 17, 2020, and the two hung out for the next four days.

They watched the Conor McGregor vs. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone MMA fight at a Miami bar and then attended a Miami Heat basketball game the following day. Additionally, the couple went to a Fat Joe concert and visited the beach.

Before Bird left for Los Angeles, California, he gifted Casillas a pair of headphones. The two have also publicly flirted with each other in Instagram comments, and Bird subtly referred to himself as Casillas’ boyfriend.

While they haven’t explicitly confirmed or denied the relationship, it’s obvious something is going on between the two.