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Duggar family followers and the media strongly suspect the Duggars will announce a courtship between Justin Duggar and a young woman named Claire Spivey, on the Sept. 22 episode of Counting On. Justin’s reported romance has gotten some heavy press in recent days, but Jim Bob Duggar might have another surprise or two up his sleeve. Some followers think the family will be announcing a much different courtship on the upcoming episode. In fact, more than one Duggar boy may be currently dating.

Family followers used their sleuthing skills to find Justin’s future bride

The Duggar family shocked their viewers when Justin appeared in a trailer announcing an upcoming courtship. It didn’t take long for Duggar family followers to find the woman that Justin is believed to be dating. Not only have Justin and his rumored girlfriend joined Instagram, but a picture of the two was used as a Google profile picture. The account did not use Justin’s real name, and the image has since been changed.

The young lady, Claire, is believed to be about two years older than Justin. Justin turns 18 in November. Rumors have suggested the pair have been dating quietly for more than a year. If that’s the case, the courtship announcement might come shortly before an engagement announcement. Is Justin the only one seeing someone, though? Fans think his appearance on the trailer might have been a way to throw viewers off the trail of the real courtship news.

Is Justin Duggar really the Duggar boy who will be making a courtship announcement, though?

Family followers and Counting On viewers were shook by the appearance of Justin in the upcoming trailer for a few reasons. Justin rarely appears in the family’s show, and he happens to be one of the younger Duggars.

If Justin is the one who has the courtship news, it would be the first time a family member under the age of 18 has announced their romantic intentions. That’s why some family followers think Justin was placed in the trailer to throw fans off. Reddit users have theorized that one of Justin’s older brothers has the announcement and that Justin was on chaperone duty. The trailer was, after all, heavily edited and appeared choppier than normal. Justin never actually said he was courting in the promo, either.

Who else could be courting?

Family followers haven’t settled on who they think will make an announcement on Sept. 22. There are actually a few different options. Four of the Duggar family’s boys are over the age of 18. Courtship rumors for each have swirled, off and on for the past year.

Jason Duggar and James Duggar have both been linked to Lauren Caldwell. Lauren is the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell. Kendra married Joseph Duggar in 2017 and has recently announced her third pregnancy. While Jason was the first Duggar linked to Lauren, followers now strongly suspect James is dating her.


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Free Jinger users have spied Jeremiah Duggar with a woman named Katey Nakatsu. Jeremiah, his twin brother, Jedidiah, his father, and his sister, Jinger Duggar, were all seen in Arizona recently. Katey lives with her family in the state. Fans suspect Jeremiah is dating the ultra-conservative Christian woman because of Jinger’s presence at the meetup. Jeremiah was in Jinger’s “buddy group” as a child. No further information is available.