Is The Palace Worried About Prince William and Kate Middleton Taking a Back Seat?

For many years, there has been a great deal of focus on Prince William and Kate Middleton. When Wills was in college and met the beautiful, commoner Kate, the world was intrigued by their relationship. Cameras were following the couple’s every move, and it only intensified when they announced their engagement.

Suddenly, Kate and William found themselves at the center of all of the attention, with millions of people tuning in to watch their lavish wedding in 2011. Everyone was interested in what the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were up to, and when they announced the upcoming arrival of their first child, fans were more focused than ever. Since then, William and Kate have constantly been in the spotlight.

Now that Harry and Meghan are suddenly finding themselves as the center of attention, we have to wonder if the palace is worried about Prince William and Kate Middleton taking a back seat. Let’s see.

The world was obsessed with William and Kate

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Paul Ellis – WPA Pool /Getty Images

Ever since William and Kate had their engagement interview, it seems that the entire world has been focused on all that they do. Within hours, jewelers were overwhelmed with requests to create sapphire engagement rings, and everything Kate wore was suddenly selling out in minutes.

On the day of their wedding, people all over the globe tuned in to see the beautiful bride step out of her chauffeur-driven car in an iconic, long-sleeved dress that set the precedent for brides everywhere. Before we knew it the “Kate Effect” was in full force.

The obsession continues

It wasn’t long before the palace confirmed the wonderful news that William and Kate were expecting their first child. Fans lined up in the streets to see a newborn Prince George make his debut on the front steps of the Lindo Wing, and they did the same thing when Princess Charlotte arrived, and finally, Prince Louis.

Not only were fans obsessed with William and Kate’s family, but they took an interest in everything that the couple did. When the Duke and Duchess made appearances, crowds went wild, and it seemed that no one could get enough of the future king and queen.

Meghan and Harry take the world by storm

For years, Prince Harry was our favorite bachelor, and also the rebel of the royal family. He was often seen out and about, enjoying his time with close friends, and over the years, he had more than one serious girlfriend. In 2016, as we all know, Harry was seen spending time with American actress Meghan Markle, and things seemed to be really heating up.

Photographers began following the couple’s every move, and it even got to the point where Harry feared for Meghan’s safety. Within months, it was evident that Harry had found his perfect match, and a royal engagement was announced to everyone’s delight. 

Harry and Meghan are the main focus

From before Meghan and Harry were even engaged, fans just couldn’t get enough of the couple. Everyone wanted to know all of the details of their relationship, and it seemed that everything that they did made us fall in love with them a little more. With the tables suddenly turned, insiders feel that the palace may be concerned about Kate and William taking a backseat.

Suddenly, sources feel as if Kate and William have been “overshadowed”, with an insider saying that “the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are undermining Kate and William’s popularity. It’s all gotten a bit out of control.”

Is the palace worried about William and Kate?

The palace may be slightly concerned that Will and Kate are not getting enough attention. A royal insider says, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have become a worldwide phenomenon. There is some concern that they have overshadowed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and are undermining their popularity. It’s all gotten a bit out of control.”

Though it seems that they have nothing to worry about. Meghan and Harry are taking a step back from the royal spotlight to focus on baby Archie, giving William and Kate more opportunity for attention.

Also, we must take into consideration that William and Kate are the future king and queen, meaning they must strictly adhere to rules, and Harry and Meghan’s lives may seem slightly more interesting.

Either way, we have to say that we love both couples equally and take an interest in all that they do.