Is This Captain America Moment the Best Scene of All 23 MCU Films?

Nothing is more patriotic than watching the purely American Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Captain America. A good reason for this is because the character never deviates from being the ethical superhero he was in the comic books.

Perhaps some will consider that slightly boring when lined up with someone like Tony Stark. Chris Evans brought humanity to the role, though, that made him a role model for millions of kids.

If Cap going back in time to be with Peggy Carter is undoubtedly one of his finest moments for adults, some fans have other ideas on his best scene. Out of 23 films, what do they consider his most memorable?

It turns out the ultimate favorite is when Cap stole Thor’s thunder.

On Reddit, the favorite scene is Captain America lifting Mjolnir

Chris Evans speaks onstage
Chris Evans | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Thor fans were not necessarily happy to see Captain America suddenly overshadow the former’s abilities at one point in the franchise. During Endgame, Cap discovered the ability to brandish Thor’s Mjolnir, something not expected by those not well-versed in comic book lore.

Those who read Marvel Comics for years knew the possibility was always there for Cap wielding Mjolnir. It never occurred very often, yet it did happen in that media realm.

This was an example of the MCU staying steadfast to a few comic book plots. Even so, it shocked Thor in Endgame, plus gave an eye-opening moment for more casual fans. It was still a real crowd-pleasing scene overall.

Reddit users cited this considerably as their favorite Cap scene above everything. However, it was not the only standout by far.

Captain America’s favorite catchphrase

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No one should forget Cap is a bit quotable, even if the character is mostly action-oriented. One of his most famous quips is the line “On your left”, which he utters to Sam Wilson.

Steve says this when he and Sam first meet in the streets of Washington D.C. Both are out for a run and Cap yells “On your left” to alert Sam to get out of the way. Yes, Sam soon realizes Cap took Super Soldier Serum, giving him ability to run at a high rate of speed.

Simple as “On your left” was, it became strongly associated with Captain America/Steve Rogers. It became so popular, he used it two other times when interacting with Sam.

However, he never referenced it when passing on the shield to Sam in the final scene of Endgame. One has to wonder if Cap could still outrun Sam at an old age (apparently 117).

Another favorite Cap moment: His battle cry

For a quote from Captain America that always inspires, fans reiterate his battle cry during the final battle in Endgame. As Cap headed the group of Avengers to face Thanos’s army, former utters “Avengers Assemble!”

There may be no more quotable line in the entire MCU other than Tony Stark uttering “I am Iron Man” before sacrificing himself with the Infinity Stones. Fans on Reddit above say they waited 11 years to hear Cap say “Avengers Assemble” as a culmination of an epic story. Plus, when adding in the music, the moment still brings chills.

These are arguably the best moments for Captain America, if maybe not the final story. Despite Chris Evans saying the MCU has to come up with a good reason to bring the character back, it was already confirmed he will do voice work in the What If…? series for Disney+, according to CBR.

Will there be more memorable moments for Cap down the line, no matter if in the multiverse? Everyone hopes old Cap will show up again to give closure. No doubt a few other fans would cite old Cap’s “No, I don’t think I will” as his ultimate full circle quote.