Is Tom Selleck Really Quitting ‘Blue Bloods’ and Leaving Hollywood Behind Again?

The year was 1945, and a baby boy was born to Martha and Robert Selleck in Detroit, Michigan. At the time, not many would suspect this newborn would grow up to be a successful Hollywood actor. However, this baby was none other than Tom Selleck.

Selleck is now a household name and has been gracing the screens of millions since the late 1960s. Selleck has had an amazing acting career, but is he finally ready to hang up his acting hat? Read on to learn the whole scoop surrounding Selleck’s future plans for his role in Blue Bloods and the Hollywood scene in general. 

Is Tom Selleck walking away from Hollywood again? 

Star magazine recently ran a front-page story about Tom Selleck walking away from Hollywood. While this wouldn’t be the first time the veteran actor took a break from acting, it doesn’t appear the scoop has any truth behind it.

The magazine’s source stated, “At his age, Tom wants to do more outdoorsy things like to do on the ranch. And he wants to spend more time with his family.” It sounds like this insider needs to do some more catching up with Selleck because this information is in direct contradiction in statements Selleck has recently given to the press. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that Star magazine or its affiliates published false claims. In 2019, the Star’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, published a story claiming that Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods because he was dying. Of course, this story turned out to be phony, much like the latest article looks like it will turn out to be. Gossip Cop has been all over this story and what’s really going on.

Despite Selleck taking a break from acting during the ’80s, nothing seems to be pointing to Selleck leaving Hollywood in the immediate future. 

Is this the end of ‘Blue Bloods’? 

Blue Bloods fans don’t need to worry either. There is nothing to suggest Selleck is ready to depart from the series. Blood Bloods first aired in September 2010, and Selleck has been a staple character from the beginning. From his recent statements, it doesn’t sound like Selleck is anywhere near ready to walk away from the show. 

Selleck recently discussed the show with People Magazine. He told the publication, “I don’t think there is an endpoint. I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older.”

From Selleck’s point of view, Blue Bloods has a lot of life left in it. Selleck is currently working on Blue Bloods and just signed on for another season too. Hopefully, fans will see Tom Selleck grace their screens as Frank Reagan for many more years to come.

Selleck’s plans for the future 


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Despite false headlines, Selleck’s future plans don’t include leaving Hollywood behind. Even at 75-years-old, Selleck has plans to remain in Hollywood for as long as he can. For over a decade now, Selleck has enjoyed his time on the Blue Bloods set and even hopes to make it a decade more. Season 10 of Blue Bloods was halted due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, fans can rest assured that the series is still going strong. The filming of the series is scheduled to resume once it is deemed safe for all production members. 

Ultimately, it looks like Selleck’s future plans definitely include Blue Bloods and the Hollywood lifestyle. While he took a small hiatus from Hollywood in the ’80s after Magnum P.I., it doesn’t look like Selleck has any plans of walking away from acting for a second time. Selleck told Deadline, regarding Blue Bloods, “I love the show. Don’t tell CBS that because I got to be a good negotiator.” Luckily for fans, it looks like Selleck isn’t ready to give up acting or being a tough negotiator quite yet.