Is Tyler Henry’s ‘Hollywood Medium’ Show Real?

Tyler Henry, the face of the E! network show Hollywood Medium, claims to have a special gift that allows him to communicate with those who have died. However, it’s widely known that reality television shows are often edited, scripted, and more so as to make them not true “reality.” But what about when it comes to Henry’s gift? Is it real?

Tyler Henry
Tyler Henry | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Henry’s television debut was actually on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

Henry first appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2015, the year before his show premiered. Then, in 2016, Hollywood Medium came to E! network, and it instantly drew millions of viewers. On the show, Henry meets with high-profile celebrities and claims that people from their past come through to him, allowing him to communicate with the dead. He’s read celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Margaret Cho, and Lil John.

Several people have publicly challenged Henry’s psychic abilities

While those on Henry’s show believe what he’s capable of, others have publicly challenged the idea that anyone on earth can talk to dead people. Some have said that Henry is using celebrities to get ahead and exploits those who are grieving from a major loss. People claim that Henry is deceitful in his abilities and uses “hot and cold” reading techniques to figure out storylines for the people he’s reading. Cold reading means that, without knowing someone, people can fake knowing information based on what a person looks like, dresses like, their age, and their body language. Hot reading means that the person doing the reading has already learned information about their client without the client’s knowledge.

People suspect that Henry has the ability to scam rather than the ability to speak with dead people. Those who are practiced in cold readings can fake it ‘til they make it — it seems like they genuinely know something about someone because of an unimaginable ability, but it’s actually based on exterior factors.

Henry warned actor Alan Thicke of his death back in 2016

After actor Alan Thicke tragically died from heart problems in late 2016, supporters of Henry immediately realized that Henry had predicted Thicke’s death only seven months earlier. On the show, Henry told Thicke that heart trouble would arise and claimed that Thicke’s deceased family members told him not to be stubborn about caring for his heart. Seven months later, Thicke died. People instantly believed Henry had predicted the actor’s death, but still, others challenged it. Some said that a family history of heart problems would mean anyone in the family is at risk, and pointing it out doesn’t make someone a psychic.

Although the events portrayed on his show are true, it’s nearly impossible to know if his gift is real

While Henry genuinely does sit with clients, gain their trust, and do his best to inform them of information from those on the other side, it’s nearly impossible to definitively tell if the readings are true. While the celebrities are almost always convinced, there will always be critics who claim to have an explanation for every move Henry makes. Whether the public believes in psychics or not is mostly up to the individual themselves; it’s the same thing as believing in ghosts. The events that occur on the show are true, however it’s unclear if Henry’s actual abilities are.

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