Is Vanessa Minnillo Threatened by Jessica Simpson’s Legacy?

Jessica Simpson’s honest and candid memoir is all anyone can talk about. The fashion designer and songstress touches on everything from addiction to her first marriage in the revealing book. While Eric Johnson, her current husband and the father of her three children, is described as her true love, most people remember Simpson’s marriage to 98 degrees singer, Nick Lachey. Both Simpson and Lachey have moved on, but the legacy of their marriage seems to haunt Lachey’s second wife, Vanessa Minnillo. In fact, Minnillo has been pretty outspoken about it.

Is Vanessa Minnillo bothered by Jessica Simpson’s book?

Minnillo and Lachey have been married since 2011. Together they share three children and seem to have a happy, healthy and loving home life. That doesn’t mean that Minnillo isn’t bothered by everyone rehashing the details of her husband’s first marriage. While Minnillo didn’t say anything outwardly bad about Simpson’s decision to chronicle her seven-year love affair with Lachey, it was pretty evident that the subject makes Minnillo uncomfortable.

In fact, Minnillo stumbled over herself when the subject of Simpson’s memoir came up in an interview for her upcoming Netflix project with Lachey, Love is Blind. In fact, Minnillo made it a point to deny that she and her husband sent Simpson a gift during a milestone moment in her life. Vulture notes that the moment was incredibly cringe-worthy. For fans, it’s pretty evident that Minnillo is tired of hearing about the marriage between her husband and Simpson.

Vanessa Minnillo has been pretty open about being bothered by the comparison

The Today Show’s decision to interview Minnillo and Lachey shortly after Simpson’s memoir was release doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. The decision to ask Minnillo and Lachey about Simpson was no coincidence either, and while Minnillo’s discomfort is understandable, this isn’t the first time she’s seemed a bit bothered by her husband’s ex-wife’s legacy.

In January 2019, A twitter user felt the need to address what she considered an “elephant in the room.” The user noted that Lachey and Minnillo’s young daughter, Brooklyn, looks surprisingly similar to Simpson. Minnillo replied to the tweet, and while she didn’t outwardly suggest the comparison made her uncomfortable, she asked her fans to have a positive outlook, especially when it came to the children.

Admittedly, Brooklyn does share a striking resemblance to her father’s first wife. Her blonde locks and cheeky grin are reminiscent of Simpson, but they are also reminiscent of the thousands of other blonde-haired babies in the world. The comparison clearly struck a nerve with Minnillo, regardless of what the commenter intended. The twitter comment has since been deleted, but Minnillo’s response lives on.

What caused Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson to split up?

Fans were pretty wild about Lachey and Simpson. They, in many ways, were the manifestation of every teenage girl’s dream. They were famous, wildly attractive, and sweet together. Lachey’s common sense played perfectly off of Simpson’s bubbly, if not a bit ditzy, persona. Their marriage unraveled relatively quickly, and while the former couple has different views of what led to the end of their marriage, both are resolute in the fact that reality TV played a part in the disastrous end of their life together.

Lachey largely blamed Joe Simpson for their relationship ending so abruptly. Simpson argues that she married insanely young because she firmly believed that a person should not have sex before marriage. She also believes that her rising star power may have played a role in the demise of their relationship. Simpson was becoming more popular as Lachey’s musical career was stalling.

What really happened is anyone’s guess. In the end, Simpson is happy in her life, and Lachey is equally comfortable in his. If fans are interested in seeing their lives intersect once again, it certainly seems unlikely, especially if Minnillo has anything to say about it.