Is ‘Veep’ Free on Amazon Prime? How to Watch the Hit Show Online

It will be soon be the end of the line for Veep. The hit show is going out on its on terms with a seventh and final season in 2019. That means no more new episodes of Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her bumbling staff for fans to enjoy on HBO.

However, no one can deny what a great run the show’s had. There’s never been a bad season — there’s hardly been a bad episode — and each installment has made sure to mock the politicians of the day.

How much has Veep impressed? Louis-Dreyfus set a record with five straight Emmys for Seasons One through Five — then broke that record with a sixth consecutive Emmy for her performance in Season Six. Tony Hale, who plays the ultra-loyal Gary, has walked away with two Emmys himself.

Meanwhile, no one would argue about its three wins for Outstanding Comedy Series. For fans who want to watch but don’t have HBO, you can get started for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Seasons 1-2 of ‘Veep’ stream for free for Amazon Prime members.

Selina is back in the race in Season 7. | Colleen Hayes/HBO

While Veep won its Emmys for Seasons Four through Six, the first three installments were just as good (if not better). Right now, you can stream Season One and Season Two for free on Amazon Prime with a basic membership.

That amounts to 18 episodes to enjoy, including the classic and prescient “Full Disclosure” (Season One, Episode Seven), which anticipated the email releases that plagued the Clinton campaign in 2016.

Season Two’s delights include “Shutdown” (Episode Seven), which has become essential viewing in the Trump era, and the preposterous photo-op posturing of “Running” (Episode Nine). But with most episodes running less than 30 minutes, we recommend all of them.

To run the full gamut of Veep, you have to go to the source (i.e., HBO) for the other five seasons. But there is an encouraging precedent for it all ending up on Amazon Prime.

HBO still has a lock on Seasons 3-7 of ‘Veep’ for now.

Selina makes a call during Season 5. | Lacey Terrell/courtesy of HBO

While Prime members have to stop after Season Two, free trials through Amazon or HBO can likely get you through at least one more season. After that, an HBO subscription is currently an excellent value with Veep, Barry (Season Two), and Game of Thrones (final season) in full swing.

Meanwhile, HBO just wrapped up the four-hour The Case Against Adnan Syed and has Season Two of Big Little Lies coming in a few months. Compared to, say, Showtime or Netflix, this content is more than worth the subscription fee. (HBO keeps you busy.)

As for eventually seeing Veep in its entirety on Amazon Prime, there’s a recent precedent that could be a good omen. Prior to the last season of FX spy show The Americans, Prime members could see only the early seasons through the service.

However, now that the show concluded after its sixth season, you can watch it all on Prime. There’s a chance the same will happen with Veep down the line.

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