Is ‘White Collar’ Being Revived? Matt Bomer Is in Talks About Bringing It Back

There are still many fans wanting to know what could happen next for Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) in White Collar. Now there is hope they’ll find out. Show creator, Jeff Eastin has tweeted that he wants the show to come back. Now Bomer revealed that there is a chance it could happen.

‘White Collar’ ended after 6 seasons

Matt Bomer and Laura Ramsey on the set of 'White Collar'
Matt Bomer and Laura Ramsey on the set of ‘White Collar’ | Bobby Bank/GC Images

The NBC show ended after six seasons. The stars were asked if they were satisfied by Collider with how the show ends and Bomer had an interesting response.

“That’s a complicated question because you’re wrapping up so many things in such a short period of time,” he said. “I was really satisfied, in some ways.  In some ways, I would have been interested to explore other avenues, as well.  I think there were still directions to go, but I think the way they wrapped it up was really well done, in the sense that they didn’t try to tie everything up in a nice bow.” 

He continued, “They really left some things open-ended and left a lot up to the viewer’s imagination, which I always think is more potent than anything you could put down on a piece of paper.” Now it looks like the things left open-ended might be picked up in a revival.

Creator Jeff Eastin is talking to Bomer about bringing it back

Fans made it known on Twitter that they want more White Collar. One of them tweeted, “I’m convinced that if @jeffeastin finds a way to grant our wish.. he will.” The show’s creator, Jeff Eastin replied with “working hard to make that happen” on April 27.

Bomer responded with “Make it happen before I’m too old to wear a fedora” along with multiple clapping emojis. Eastin then responded with a picture of a fedora and tweeted “It’s right here waiting for you. Time to get Neal out of retirement…” Bomer then added, “Let’s do it!”

Eastin later gave an update on Twitter on May 6. “Had a great convo with @MattBomer. We have a plan to bring #WhiteCollar back. So, as Mozzie might say, ‘To quote Steve Harvey, ‘The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.’ It’s time to hustle,” tweeted the show creator.

Ross McCall, who played Matthew Keller, replied to this tweet with “;).” A fan also asked “Are you planning to do a whole season?” Eastin answered, “We’re not sure yet stay tuned — the cast will be doing a virtual reunion tomorrow night at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on @StarsInTheHouse all proceeds go to @TrevorProject.”

Bomer confirmed during the reunion there are talks of a revival

The cast did their virtual reunion on May 7 on the Stars In The House Youtube channel. Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), Sharif Atkins (Clinton Jones), Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), Willie Garson (Mozzie), Marsha Thomason (Diana Berrigan), and Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke) talked about their time on the show together.

Fans were also able to ask the stars questions all in support of the Trevor Project. Bomer confirmed that he is in talks of a revival.

“I just talked to Jeff Eastin this morning,” he revealed. “There’s nothing I would want more than to be on a set with this group of people again. There are real conversations happening,” he later said. “There seems to be a lot of excitement about it. What form that takes and how it plays out and whether all the creatives involved can work it out and make it happen, has yet to be seen. But we’re all really optimistic and hopeful.”

Thiessen added, “We were really sad when it ended.” It’s still unclear if a revival will actually happen, but it’s a good sign there are discussions about it.