‘Island’ Finale: Johan Deals With Heartbreak as K-Drama Leaves a Major Cliffhanger

Fans watched every detail of the 2022 fantasy K-drama Island. The drama stars idol-turned-actor Cha Eun-woo, Lee Da-hee, and Kim Nam-gil. The overall story revolves around a demon hunter with a dark past as a reincarnation of a grand saint arrives on Jeju island. A young Catholic priest is tasked with protecting her. The Island K-drama finale has fans feel heartache as Johan (Cha) is forced to kill someone and the storyline reveals a jaw-dropping twist.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Island.]

Character Johan and Chan-hee in 'Island' K-drama finale.
Character Johan and Chan-hee in ‘Island’ K-drama finale | via TVing

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Fans learn of Johan’s tragic past with his brother in the ‘Island’ K-drama finale

Before the Island K-drama finale, everyone learns that Johan has been searching for his brother for 10 years. In the Island K-drama finale, fans get flashbacks to his childhood and the horror. Johan and his brother Chan-hee (Choi Tae-joon) were orphans adopted by a wealthy family. But they soon learn they have a sick son who is dying. The truth about their adoption is revealed.

The parents adopted Johan and Chan-hee to harvest their organs for their son. Fans watch as the man leaves with Johan and leaves him to die in the remote location. Johan is found by the very priest that raises him in the church.

The scene changes to Johan sitting with his brother after finally reconnecting. Johan vows never to be apart again and to spend time together. They break out into tears in sorrow at their painful past. Meanwhile, Mi-ho (Lee) comforts her best friend over the murder of her fiancé as Van (Kim) faces his brother Goong-tae (Sung Joon). Goong-tae refuses to fight him but points out he has become weak and will repeat history and kill Mi-ho.

At the compound, Johan is ecstatic to be with his older brother and introduces him to Mi-ho. But the evil truth is revealed. A flashback shows Goong-tae talking to the lust demon that has been murdering tourists. The lust demon is none other than Chan-hee. Having been promised his pain would go away, he goes after Mi-ho.

Johan is forced to say goodbye to his brother in the ‘Island’ K-drama finale

While Van fights Chan-hee, Goong-tan intervenes and warns him the more he protects Mi-ho, the weaker he will become. His brother’s attack leaves Van wounded. Meanwhile, Johan goes to find his brother as Mi-ho goes to see her friend at the funeral. Afterward, she goes to see Van. He reveals the truth of her being a reincarnation of the saint Wonjeong. But he does not admit he killed her in her past life.

Mi-ho seeks answers from Baek-joo (Ko Du-shim). She confirms what Van said is true. Bae-joo explains the demons were trapped in Tamra. When the Barrier Stone was broken it allowed them to escape. Only when Wonjeong awakens can the Barrier Stone be fixed. While this happens, Johan finds his brother on the boat and has him confirm that he is a lust demon.

Chan-hee admits to the truth but does not remember most of what happened. Instead of losing his brother, Johan vows to save him and begins to perform an exorcism. But the lust demon is too strong, and Chan-hee begs his brother to kill him and stop the pain. Johan is unsuccessful once realizing he cannot save his brother and breaks down. He goes to find Van and promises to find a way, or he will kill Chan-hee himself.

His final resort is to tell Mi-ho the truth. He hopes her powers can save Chan-hee. But chaos ensues as Chan-hee breaks free of his restraint. He goes to strike Mi-ho, but Johan stands between them and is wounded by his brother. When Van arrives to help, Chan-hee is too strong and is ready to kill Mi-ho. In a tragic turn of events, Johan strikes his brother from behind with his sword. He tells his brother, “Please rest peacefully,” and kills him for good.

The K-drama reveals Goong-tae has an army of followers

Fans are left sobbing as the only family Johan had is killed by his own hand. Everyone is left to pick up the pieces of what just happened. But the fantasy K-drama finale reveals a cliffhanger. Goong-tae arrives at a remote location where people make way for him. As he sits on his throne, the scene pans to reveal Yeom-ji (Hur Jung-hee). She says, “Where have you been? Uncle.”

The Island K-drama finale has revealed that Goong-tae has been forming his own army of people, likely possessed by lust demons or who believe in his cause. But with Yeom-ji being one of his followers, it adds a shocking twist. Fans know she has posed as a good girl and is the granddaughter of Baek-joo. On Goong-tae’s side, it is likely she has been informing him of everything Van has done and helped him in his plans.

It explains her involvement in the Benjulle case. She was the one who introduced her best friend, Soo-ryeon (Chung Su-bin), to the “spirit” despite knowing actions have consequences. Fans will have to wait to see what happens as Island Season 2 will release on February 24.

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