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We probably can’t list all the weird and controversial things Logan Paul has done in one post, but we’ll give it a try.

The YouTube star has been making videos since he was 10. He’s amassed quite a fortune — he’s with millions at just 24, but it doesn’t seem like he’s making his career dreams come true.

Paul wants to be a serious actor, but considering how controversial he is, that’s looking harder and harder. 

Logan Paul’s abortion comments

Logan Paul speaking onstage
Logan Paul | Michael Tran/Getty Images

Paul recently made comments during some smack talk ahead of his fight with fellow YouTube star KSI that some people are politicizing. He basically said that KSI is on his “fifth abortion,” and Paul is going to “return the favor” and kill KSI. 

Proponents of the pro-life movement think that he was taking a stand against abortion. Pro-choice activists are mad. It’s possible Paul doesn’t really think before he speaks, and probably didn’t want to take sides at all. 

The suicide forest 

Logan basically made a name for himself by being controversial on camera, but he took things too far with this stunt. He and some friends went camping in a Japanese forest known for a high suicide rate. They saw a body hanging from one of the trees, filmed it, and posted the video (with the face of the deceased blurred).

The stunt almost got Paul kicked off of YouTube altogether.

He tried to make amends by filming a documentary about suicide. For a minute, it seemed like he was really remorseful. Then he posted a video of himself using a taser on two dead rats. Why? Who knows.

Either way, it became clear that he had not changed his ways, and once again people called for him to be taken off YouTube. 

Disturbing accusations

Although Logan Paul hasn’t been accused of anything directly, the implications are not good. Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, threw a party where eight women were allegedly drugged. The police are involved, and while it seems neither Jake nor Logan actually drugged anyone, it’s still an indication of the kind of crowd these two run with.

One model who worked on a video with Paul did feel she was “kind of abused.” She was the only plus-size model on set, and she was treated differently for it. We’re not surprised, given Logan’s history of insensitivity. 

Jake Paul’s marriage to Tana Mongeau

We’re hesitant to call this a marriage. Both parties have admitted that it was a publicity stunt. Jake and another YouTube star, Tana Mongeau, had a whirlwind ‘relationship’ before announcing that they were going to tie the knot.

Fans could watch, for a price. Mongeau tried to set up the wedding as a pay per view deal, but Apple and Google eventually refunded the money to customers.

The footage of the wedding was so bad that nobody could really tell what was going on. Maybe it was the shaky camera footage, or maybe it was because the whole event was so bizarre in the first place.

There was a lot going on, but in the end, Jake destroyed the wedding cake with a Samurai sword, and the bride and groom left separately. 

Jake didn’t really add to the controversy, and he was one of the first insiders to say that the whole thing was fake. Even if it wasn’t real, he went along for the ride. 

Offensive tweets

In 2017, some old racist tweets were uncovered. This was right after the suicide forest debacle, and just confirmed the theories that Logan Paul just doesn’t seem to think before he speaks (or tweets). 

Recently he’s come under fire for saying he was ‘going gay’ for a month. It’s just another example of his incredible insensitivity. He’s since apologized, but it’s just a matter of time before the next controversy.