It’s No Surprise One of Meghan Markle’s Last Royal Engagements Will be for Women’s Rights

The news about Megxit has been dominating the headlines recently. With the springtime almost upon us, everyone is anxious to see what will happen when the split is actually official. Although Meghan Markle hasn’t been a royal for that long of a time, she has made a statement with what she believes in and the causes that she supports. It is no secret that Markle and Prince Harry have spent the last few weeks in Canada. They have started to make steps to enjoy the quiet, peaceful life that they have been longing for ever since they got married.

However, until the end of March 2020, the couple is technically still members of the British royal family. Their royal duties are not quite over. Ever since they announced their decision to step back, it is true that Markle and Prince Harry have been laying low. While we don’t really know what to expect once Megxit is officially final, we do know the details of one of the duchess’s last duties as a royal.

She has done so much humanitarian work in the past

Meghan Markle stepping out of a car, smiling
Meghan Markle | Jeremy Selwyn/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Markle has been known for the extensive humanitarian work that she has done. Long before she ever even met Prince Harry, the former actress has used her fame to make a positive difference. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Markle was a counselor for One Young World, an organization that encourages leaders to do the best that they can in order to promote positive change. She has been a well-known feminist ever since she was a child; royal fans are surely aware of the story of how she once wrote a letter to Proctor and Gamble after being offended by the wording in one of their commercials for dishwashing detergent.  Markle has always been dedicated to her role as a philanthropist. This is something that is unlikely to change after she is no longer able to use her “royal highness” title.

A feminist even after becoming a royal

Being a feminist is something that Markle is beyond proud of. Even after she married into the British royal family, she was adamant about supporting women’s rights. According to E! News, she has supported women’s charities for years and loves every second of it. It wasn’t long ago that Meghan made a secret visit to Justice for Girls in Vancouver. On this venture, she took the time to discuss the importance of women’s leadership. She also talked about the power and the impact determined young women are able to make when their voices are heard.

It is no surprise that one of Meghan Markle’s last royal engagements will be for women’s rights

Her days as an official royal are winding down, but Markle’s schedule isn’t clear just yet. Given her past, it is really not a surprise to anyone that one of her last engagements as the Duchess of Sussex will be for women’s rights. According to Oprah Magazine, Markle will attend an event for International Women’s Day in early March. There is no doubt that it will be both wonderful and emotional for Markle, as it is a cause that is near and dear to her heart, as well as one of her final duties. We can’t wait to see how things turn out. We know that Markle will leave a lasting impression on everyone that she interacts with at the important event.